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KSI’s Staggering Net Worth and Much More


Famous baker KSI went from playing computer games in his bedroom to establishing an enormous company that has now grown into chart-topping music and boxing pay-per-view events.

It would have been impossible for JJ Olatunji to have guessed that he would have built a media empire worth millions in only a few years after starting out by taping himself playing computer games from his bedroom.

KSI has said that his parents were originally dissatisfied with his choice not to attend university, since they had invested their funds in sending him to a private school in the hopes that he would go on to become a lawyer or a physician.

After underachieving in his A levels, he pursued an international baccalaureate credential for 18 months. However, it was when he discovered that his YouTube profits meant he was earning more money than one of his college teachers that he realised he had reached a watershed moment.

YouTube star KSI, who is 27 years old and known across the globe as “KSI,” gained worldwide fame while still a student by submitting gaming videos to his channel while still in school.

KSI's Staggering Net Worth

He has tattooed the words Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity on his body to symbolise the values that his moniker represents. KSI has amassed an enormous wealth by converting mouse clicks into cash and now has more than an astounding 30million subscribers across his numerous channels.

Following a string of unsatisfactory test results, the adolescent took the daring decision to discontinue his academic pursuits and concentrate on creating a career as a video producer for the general public.

Aside from being a successful YouTube celebrity, who will compete on tonight’s episode of The Great Celebrity Bake Off, the hardworking musician has also made a name for himself by composing chart-topping songs and competing in boxing pay-per-view fights.

Check out the steps that KSI used to accumulate his millions and astronomical net worth.

YouTube is a Treasure of Information.

KSI's Staggering Net Worth

On Louis Theroux’s Grounded podcast in June last year, he described how he queried a teacher about his earnings for the month: “I remember asking him, this is how much I earned this month, it was approximately £1,500, and he remembered telling me, ‘that’s more than I make’.”

‘I took a look at it and realised that YouTube was the answer; it was a goldmine, I told myself. Because I know I can become somebody and make my parents pleased, I need to push myself harder and harder.”

In order to avoid disappointing his parents, KSI fought for “a couple of years” with the sorrow he had over his choice not to attend university. He didn’t want to let them down.

KSI made the decision to devote all of his time and energy to his YouTube business ( Image: PA)

“However, finally I came to the conclusion, ‘you know what, screw it.'” “I’m going to make them proud for the rest of my life on YouTube.”

As long as I can relieve them of all their debts and ensure that they live well, that is all that is important.

His films first focused on himself playing the famous console game FIFA, but he has now expanded his reach to include a wide range of other subjects.

He is also a member of The Sidemen, a group of seven British YouTube stars that work together to create their own videos, as well as books and a clothing line, which they sell online.

The majority of KSI’s profits continue to come from his YouTube channel, which has had more than six billion views.

Despite the fact that YouTube does not publicly disclose its users’ revenue, some of his videos make £250,000 in advertising payments.

Real Estate Tycoon

KSI has put his money to work in the real estate market.

KSI has been funnelling his YouTube fortune towards the development of a property empire worth an estimated £10 million.

The Sunday Mirror reported in June that KSI now has more than 12 high-end apartments and mansions under its ownership.

“He’s worth a lot of money, according to a reliable source.” A genuine success storey,” says the narrator.

He spent £1.5 million in 2019 on new locations to add to the £8 million worth of house stock he’s acquired in the last three years via his property development company, Kilimanjaro Your Mum Ltd.

Furthermore, since his company paid cash, there are no mortgage interest payments.

According to the company’s financial statements, the company has £164,000 in cash in its bank account as a result of revenue produced. An additional one of his businesses, The Throne Holdings, has cash and assets worth £2.9 million.

Meanwhile, a production firm known as Ksiolajidebt Ltd has financial reserves of about £1 million, according to public records.

In November of this year, boxing champion KSI faced off against Logan Paul in a repeat of their previous fight.