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Kyle Kulinski Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life


At the time that Kyle became a baby, his names were Kyle Edward Kulinski. He was a career choice as an apolitical journalist and media host. He was also host of the show that was dubbed “The Kyle Kulinski .” He is also the creator and founder of Justice Democrats. He is also a candidate of the Progressive Political Action Committee.

Kyle Kulinski Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Early Life

He was dragged down on the 31st of January in 1988. He was crying at Westchester County, present in New York, US. His ancestry was Polish along with Italian. He was born within New York City. He completed his university through New Rochelle High School in the year 2006. He also finished his undergraduate studies in Iona College in the year in 2010. He graduated from college with an undergraduate degree with a major in Political Science. He also completed a major in Psychology. He had seen. Numerous up and downs throughout his life. The sudden death of his father caused him to feel more depressed because of the poor healthcare services. Then, his struggles began throughout his entire life.


In 2008, he started Youtube as he began the program called “Secular Talk.” When the time was when he was still a student when he began the show. In dismay at the president whose title was “Barack Obama” he had created the television show “The Kyle Kulinski Show. On his Youtube show, the number of subscribers was 100,000. In the year 2015, he was earning his living off it. Since then there were thousands of viewers of his website. The year 2016 was the time he created a political party with the names are Justice Democrats. He created the party that includes Cenk Uygur SaikatChakrabati, Zack Exley and many others. The group was formed to help those who are participating of the elections that are in the primary stage. He was in 2021 when he along with his companions had begun a podcast, which was called “Krystal Kyle and Friends.” He was an advanced commentator. He had been competing with respect to the presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton. He generally states that his political affiliation is Social Democrat, agnostic Atheist, Secular Humanist, left Left, Populist, and the left LibertariAn. He had voted for Bernie Sanders in the year 2016. He has voted in his part in the Democratic Primary Election. He also voted for Jill Stein.

Personal Life

Kyle Kulinski Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

He’s not too open about his love life. In the present it appears that he isn’t particularly interested in relationships. He is an excellent advocate for the LGBT community. He also promotes Homosexuality. He also won the Silver Creator Award for his talk show, which he referred to as Secular Talk.

Net Worth

He is a millionaire with an estimated total net worth of $2.3 million and a portion of that came from talks on Youtube and other shows.