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Competitive World Record Holder in Eating, Leah Shutkever can eat the whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange in 65 seconds. She travels all over the world participating in competitions for eating and has built up a huge online following due to her fast eating skills! Leah is also a fitness nut and when she’s not pounding KFC, Big Mac’s and doughnuts, she’s at the gym hard to keep her body in great form! We met with Leah to discuss her amazing talents of fitness, diet as well as facing peer pressure and the way she’s planning to keep smashing record after record…

What age did you get when you realized that you could eat so many times in a short time?

I have FOREVER been the fastest eater. I’ve always known it, but it has only been since becoming a participant on the eating list that my full potential has come to light! I wouldn’t have realized this had I not been a competitor.

You hold the record in the world for eating the Terry’s Chocolate Orange in 65 seconds. What’s the motivation behind this desire to eat food so quickly?
I was just looking at the record in a book and thought “I could do this’. It’s possible that I have an unrealistic desire and a’can-do attitude towards life. So the pursuit of records around the world has become my passion!

There’s a widespread belief that competitors are huge However, you’re not. What sort of reaction are you likely to experience when you take on these challenges before and after you have completed these challenges?
This is my absolute most loved game! As you can imagine , I’m immediately judged on my appearance, but the doubt and belief ignites the flame. Then, surprise, awe, displeasure and a little admiration – that’s part of the fun.

You go to the gym often, so how can your high consumption of unhealthy food and exercise actually be effective? ?
I can see what you did there, excellent job.

It’s a big misconception about me in particular. Sport and fitness was my entire life long before I started eating competitively. I have a healthy lifestyle and at the moment my healthful lifestyle is far superior to the diet challenges I try. I’ve always believed in “your body is a reflection of what you do for the majority all the time’ and I live by it! It’s not a simple balance since I have to boost my exercise levels and cut back my calories according to each week . However, so far, it’s working out!

What’s your normal food habits like when you’re competing in your eating habits?

I eat a fairly basic clean diet, which is that’s what people make faces at. I prepare all of my meals and ensure that I’ve got an adequate amount of protein, plenty of fibrous veggies, dietary fats, and complex carbs following a exercise (to simplifythe meal; rice, chicken and avocado as well as broccoli). The food is flavorless and simple, which means it eliminates cravings. Oh and water, I drink a lot of water.

You’ve built a solid social media following due to your culinary skills that are competitive. What do you expect to gain from this long-term? Are you working towards a target?
I’m a bit of freak and people love to know this! In all honesty, I’d like to portray women who do things in a different way and being completely multi-faceted. At the moment, I’m looking to set record-breaking records and continue to push out amazing videos on my YouTube channel!

Long-term, I’d like to host a female-only variation of Man v. Food and try to promote healthy living by displaying the importance of training and eating well as well as friendly rivalry across the UK.

Do you receive some strange requests from your fans?

I receive the most odd requests, but I’m not the business of offering people any fresh ideas, therefore I’ll keep the requests to me!

In a prior interview, that it was because you “weren’t like other girls your age” and that you were larger. Which advice do you offer to any person that does not identify with “other people” and feels any pressure to stand out?
I have a lot to say to those people. We all have something we excel at which we’re great at. Find it! It may take a while so be patient and it will come into something! And then, put your whole self into it and get better at it, and even the best. When you’re able to do an expert at something and people will recognize you and admire your ability to grow. It will eventually lead you to something different and eventually something different until, eventually, you’ll love the fact you’re different from everyone else because people not only remember you because you are different… But they will also remember you as being amazing at what you do.

I was overweight in my youth, however I was aggressive and competitive. I took up sport completely. I didn’t have weight goals or dress sizes. I got better with Rugby, Badminton and then bodybuilding. After getting over a lot of injuries and mishaps, my body began to show what I excelled at was bodybuilding. Today, I’m the foreign-looking but British woman, a Flexy-bendy fitness guru who’s a designer and hungry competitor. There’s no one right way to go about things, this is what has helped me to get to where I am today and I’d recommend to anyone to simply give it a try and discover their own niche.

What is your favorite food and the your best hangover cure?

My favorite meal, and if it’s prepared fresh by a skilled chef I’m all in!

A fun fact is that I’ve never drunk, and I have never been one. I was always an exercise enthusiast (yes I’m not talking about boring) and worked in clubs and bars which meant I worked when people were having a blast all through university! The best advice is Vitamin C is effervescent. Drink lots of water and excellent carbs in your diet and you’ll be a winner!

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