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According to the Sun on Sunday, Jesse Lingard, 25, trounced in a hot tub with an attractive single mother only days before celebrating his 25th birthday alongside model girlfriend, Jena Frumes.

While Southampton and Chelsea drew 0-0 yesterday, Jena, 24, shared a photo of her boyfriend on social media with a love heart.

Leonie Borek, a Red Devils supporter, had sex with the two-time Manchester United great only hours after City’s 2-1 derby loss.

A pair of autographed boots with Lingard’s squad number 14 was given to Leonie as a souvenir by the footballer who had previously sought her on social media.

He celebrated his 25th birthday with Jena Frumes, an American Instagram model he saw for a year.

Jesse Lingard arranged for Leonie to be picked up by a friend and transported to his £3 million Cheshire mansion hours after the last whistle of the Manchester City game on December 10.

She awaited her arrival to the estate with bated breath, ready to be pampered.

However, she was surprised to see Lingard in his workout gear, eating Domino’s pizza and drinking Disaro­n­o liqueur with teammate Marcus Rashford and another friend.

There were games of cards and football on a flat-screen TV until Rashford and the other guy had to go, according to Leonie, 32.

When she woke up the following day, she was surprised to find that Lingard had given her his old training boots and requested a friend take her to the railway station.

On December 15, Jena went 5,200 miles from Los Angeles to Manchester, England, for Lingard’s 30th birthday.

When she read about her in the Sun, Leonie, wearing one of his United training shirts, called her a “love rat.”

Also, she was surprised to see pin-up Jena publish online images of herself wearing Lingard’s football outfit, which she posed in for the camera.

Leonie, a single mother of one from Sheffield, told The Sun on Sunday that she feels “exploited” by her employer.

“Jesse’s simply a tiny guy living in a large mansion with a flashy lifestyle,” she remarked. It’s horrible that he has acted in such an offensive manner against women.

In his relentless pursuit of me, he had just one goal in mind: to get it.

The last time I saw Jesse, he complained about how long he had gone without sex,” I recall. The only thing on his mind seems to be sex.”

Manchester United teammate Leonie approached the £100,000-a-week star after seeing a Snapchat image of her last month.

Lingard sent a private message to the player when she gave him her contact information.

He requested Leonie’s phone number so that they could communicate over WhatsApp.

“U good at massages?” Lingard asked in a series of suggestive texts.

A hard day at work made her exhausted, and he lashed out with “ain’t had it in decades” and “you best conserve some energy” when she mentioned it.

During his time at the club, Lingard asked Leonie to meet at his house or the team hotel.

Before the team’s Premier League match against Arsenal on December 2, she says the player initially invited her to come to United’s hotel in London.

The night before the match, Leonie refused to meet with him, and he stated he could get her tickets to see the game.

Then he wanted to take the train back to Uk with me, so I complied. My mind was blown. I think he should have been more focused on the game. Instead, I’m trying to avoid sex.”

As it turned out, Lingard had two goals as Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-1.

They kept in touch, and Leonie agreed to see Lingard six days later after they kept in touch.

She was approached by the celebrity at 3.37 p.m., less than one hour before kick-off, and asked, “U want to come for 8??”

Even an hour after the final siren blew, he was still planning their meetup.

When Leonie arrived at Manchester Victoria Station, a friend of the player had agreed to bring her up at 8.20 p.m. The footballer having arranged for the friend to pick her up.

In the 45 minutes it took for Leonie to get to Lingard, she FaceTimed him, making expressions and laughing before finding him with Carrick and their companion.

In Leonie’s words: “It was just a little odd, not really what you consider a beautiful first date.

“Only Marcus Rashford seemed to have good manners throughout the game. In contrast to the other two, he was pleasant and did not seem intoxicated.

About an hour after Carrick and his companion had gone, Leonie claimed to have started having sexual relations with Lingard.

Photos of the player and his girlfriend Jena taken in his mansion’s kitchen have been published on social media.

He posed for a photo with gold balloons spelling out his stage name, J Linx, which his 2.5 million Instagram followers viewed.

Previously, Lingard was in a relationship with Miss Rochdale runner-up Emma Hyde, but the couple ended things in 2016.

When he was seven years old, he was a regular member of the United first-team squad.

Since his debut in 2014, he has appeared in more than 100 games. This season’s goal-scoring prowess is expected to win him a spot in Gareth Southgate’s World Cup squad.