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Liana Brackett Net Worth, Career, And Early Years


Liana Brackett is a well-known TV reporter who formerly worked for the Weather Channel.. She has worked at KCRA TV and FOX 12. Read on to learn more about her.

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Early Life

Liana Ramirez (Brackett) was born in Temecula, California, on July 7, 1986. Her family moved to Portland, Oregon, when her father accepted a job opportunity. Her Mexican heritage is well-known, and she is always working on her Spanish. Liana has always liked modelling, and her kindergarten profile picture shows her doing so.

Liana never revealed who her parents were when she uploaded photos of them on Instagram. Instead of thanking them for all their love and support for her and her younger sister. Her mother simply called her Alisia Ramirez.


Liana enrolled to UC Berkeley after graduating from her Portland high school in 2005, earning a BA in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology in 2009. She then received a second BA in Communication and Media Studies from UA. She also studied Latin and Ballroom dancing in college and ballet en pointe for a few years.


In 2008, while still a UC student, Liana interned at KCRA. Her next stop was Portland, Oregon, to work for the National Weather Service. She worked as a meteorologist for almost six years, learning and improving her talents. She left the National Weather Service in 2015 to work for FOX 12, also in Portland.

She departed in October 2016 to serve as an on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel in Atlanta, where she currently works with Paul Goodloe, Matt Reagan, and Felicia Combs on “Weekend Recharge.” She also reports on the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian, a Cat 5 storm. Throughout her meteorological career, Liana has been recognised for her great forecasting and collaboration.


Liana’s life revolves around David Brackett. Their Spanish-style wedding was featured in the December/January 2017 edition of “San Diego Style Weddings.” They presently live in Marietta, Georgia. Liana doesn’t have kids, but she is a “pup mom” to Dolce and Dasher. Her spouse is the president of “Linguava Services,” a premium translation and interpreting firm. His talents include Flamenco guitar and Spanish interpretation.


An experienced meteorologist working for a company like “Weather Channel” may make up to $103,000 per year, according to PayScale and Glassdoor. Her earnings are anticipated to be towards the top due to her expertise and hard work. Her net worth is estimated to be at $1 million. Her net worth is projected to grow as she continues to chronicle hurricane Dorian’s impact for “Weather Channel.”

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