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Linda Durbesson Biography, Career, And Early Years


Insta-famous Linda Durbesson is a 39-year-old Caucasian fitness instructor. She was born in Carpentras, France, on December 20, 1979, as a Sagittarius. Publicity for her generally gorgeous figure and fitness accomplishments undoubtedly made her most well-known to the general public. Since 2014, she has had several accomplishments in her modelling career.

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Early Life

Linda Durbesson Biography, Career, And Early Years

Linda was presumably nurtured as an only child by her unknown parents at her birthplace. She started tennis, modern jazz dance, mountain biking, classical ballet, and martial arts at five. Her adolescence included windsurfing, track and field, karate, basketball, and handball. At an undisclosed French high school, Durbesson excelled in all subjects and graduated in 1997. In 2014, the fitness model graduated with a master’s degree in personal training from an unidentified US university.

Linda went to America with an unknown guy a few years after being engaged. Then, when their relationship ended in 2010, she is thought to have performed odd jobs to make ends meet. Linda started going to the gym to get over her depression, and she developed an attractive physique that would later add to her net worth. She got several modelling offers before her degree, but she waited until 2014 to pursue them.


Linda had become an Instagram star by 2016. She then started her own website to promote and sell her fitness and nutrition advice. Linda Durbesson’s official brand is LDFIT (Linda Durbesson Fit), which comprises apparel, workout and nutrition regimens, and supplements. Durbesson is no stranger to making money from YouTube commercials, which she relied on heavily in 2019. She shares workout videos on YouTube to promote her business and Instagram page. She dislikes professional photoshoots and just advertises fitness products on Instagram.


Linda Durbesson Biography, Career, And Early Years

In terms of romance, it seems that the fitness guru has chosen to keep things professional. Aside from the fact that she dated a confident guy upon coming in America, no one knows anything about Linda’s love life. She has never been spotted at a public event with a particular guy, and her personal life has never been in question. Durbesson is supposed to live alone in Miami, Florida. She is probably single now.


Have you considered Linda’s prospective wealth? Her net worth peaked at $, according to reliable sources. Throughout her career, she has traded her fitness and nutrition expertise for money. Linda is still committed to completing this course, thus the claimed value will very definitely rise.