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Live Dealer Casino Games: What Are They?


In today’s technological world, online gambling and online casinos have become a hot topic and are increasingly popular with people in every demographic. And while most online casinos are still very video game-ish, there is a new trend that is starting to make its way to the forefront of online gambling. Live dealer casino games are starting to rise in popularity and in number across the board.

Many people like the convenience of gambling from home where they can gamble at their own pace, on their own time, and with relative ease. But some people want a more realistic feel to the experience or want to know that the computer is not rigging the game against them. Let’s face it, if you have gambled at all online, the thought of being taken by a computer program has crossed your mind.

But this is where live dealer games are becoming increasingly popular to put players in a more realistic setting that does not give off that feeling of being inside of a video game.

What Is Live Dealer Gambling?

Live dealing gambling in online casinos is when players actually play and interact with the game, but there is a live video feed of the dealer and the cards or game that is being played. This is real life, in-time action that gives off a more realistic feel and brings the human element back to online gambling.

With technological advances and the rise in access to live video streaming, online casinos have employed the use of this technology to bring a better product to the gambling tables via the internet. There are numerous games that can be played as a live dealer game, but we will discuss those in a bit. But let’s give an example of playing one of the most common card games, Blackjack, via a live dealer game.

When the player accesses the live dealer game, he will see a video feed of the dealer, the table, and the cards being dealt. After placing a bet, the dealer will deal the cards and then give action to each player as if you were at a physical casino. The player will get to see all the action and make decisions just like any other game, but now they see a physical dealer and physical cards in real-time.

Intrigued yet?

Can’t They Still Cheat?

You might be thinking they can still rig the game or stack the deck and that just because it’s a “live video stream” doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to cheat. Everyone is skeptical, especially about something new. But if you were really being cheated that bad and were that skeptical, would you still be gambling online? Probably not.

The truth is, live dealer games online are still required to go through dual licensing requirements, both of software gambling and in the jurisdiction of where the actual live video stream is taking place. So as long as you aren’t gambling in some cloak and dagger, the backroom of the dark web, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Live Dealer Games

So which casino games can you play as a live dealer game online? There are numerous popular casino games that have been converted over to participating as live dealer games.

Roulette is a very popular live dealer game where players simply place bets on a number or color and let fate take its turn. This is a very simple game that people will take chances on and works extremely well as a live dealer game. Always better to see a roulette wheel turn in real life than the video game version.

Poker is the next popular game that has gone strongly to live dealer gaming just for the sheer experience. This takes a bit more work as the number of needed cameras and skills from the dealer is much higher than a game like roulette. The same goes for Blackjack as well.

With dice games, the dealer not only controls the action but does the rolling of the dice for all the players. This is a great concept and adds to the intensity of watching the roll instead of simply pushing the button. Not quite the same as being able to feel the dice yourself, but better than just clicking a button.

So feel assured that live dealer games are completely legitimate and more realistic than playing the equivalence of video poker from your phone. Give it a try and see what the hype is all about.