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Louie Anderson Early Life Career Personal Life and Net worth


Louie was given the name Louie Perry Anderson by his father. He has a successful stand-up comedy career and is also well-known as an actor. In addition, he is the author of a number of novels. He has developed cartoon programs such as Life With Louie and other like ones. He had authored roughly four novels titled Stories for My Mother, But You Can Read Them Too, all of which were available for purchase. In addition, he has served as the host of the television program Family Feud.

Early Life

Louie Anderson Early Life, Career, Personal Life and Net worth

Anderson was born on the 24th of March, 1953, and brought to our planet. He was reared in the Minnesota city of Saint Paul, which is located in the state of Minnesota. He was born to Ora Sherman and Andy Andrew Mortimer Anderson, who were his parents. Her mother has ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. His parents had two children, the second of whom was him. According to an interview, he had stated that his mother had given birth to 16 children, but that regrettably, five of her children perished at the moment of delivery, including twins who were his first kid. He often characterizes his father as an alcoholic who is also physically violent. Previously, he was a heavy drinker and had a difficult relationship with her mother. It was because of his father that his upbringing was a little challenging. He had attended Johnson Senior High School in Saint Paul, where he completed his secondary education.


He began his professional career in the year 1984. On the 20th of November, 1984, he made his television debut as a stand-up comedian on the program known as “The Tonight Show.” Perfect Strangers is a television series in which he has been cast as a part of the cast. When the program became successful, Anderson was replaced in the part of Appleton by another actor, Mark Linn Baker, who played the role until the show was cancelled. Because of this, the producers and filmmakers came to the conclusion that they (Anderson and Pinchot) were acceptable for the series. In the following year, he appeared in a brief part in the telegram known as Ferris Bueller Day Off. After that, he appeared in the film Coming to America, in which he had a minor part. He had made a cameo appearance in the film “The Jim Henson Hour,” which was directed by Jim Henson. Besides films, he had worked on numerous television series, including the New Hollywood Squares, Remington Steele, Trying Times, The Jim Henson Hour, Grace Under Fire, Life with Louie, Love and War, The Louie Show, Chicago Hope, Touched By an Angel, Hollywood Squares, to Tell the truth, and a slew of others. He had worked on a number of films, including Cloak and Dagger, Quicksilver, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Rat Boy, Mr. Wrong, do it for Uncle, Cook’s Off, SandyWexler, and Coming to America, among others.

Personal Life

Louie Anderson Early Life, Career, Personal Life and Net worth

In 1985, he tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart. He had a major surgery on his heart, which was a resounding success. He was suffering from Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is uncommon cancer. A man by the name of Richard John Gordon blackmailed him at one point in his life. Anderson agreed to give him money after he was blackmailed for it. Anderson handed him between $100,000 and $200,000.

Net worth

He has a total net worth of $10 million, which he has accumulated via his acting and comedic abilities during his career.