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Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse was Born in France on April 1976


Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is a powerful woman who has accomplished many things in her life. Her father, Victor Courbebaisse, is the supervisor of the global training community in Paris, France. Mary Antoinette attended classes at the College de Paris and graduated with a degree in mode of thought. Her adoration for her combination prompted her to begin functioning as a teaching specialist so that she could help others with the education of her children. Mary Antoinette married her partner Louis Bailly and together they have a son named Mathis.

She was conceived on April 25, 1976.

In Paris, France, she was born on April 25, 1976 as Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse. Her father is the director of the World Training Community in Paris and her mother is a professor at a finance school. She graduated in Mode of Thought at the College of Paris and started working as an education expert in 2001 after graduating.

In 2006, Antoinette Courbebaisse started an organization called L’Ecole de Paris to showcase French language and culture lessons for children and youth. She also worked as an expert for the Global Baccalaureate Association from 2008 to 2010.

A career path

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse has served as a specialist for the Global Training Community in Paris, the French Service for Education, and is currently the organizer and manager of the Courbebaisse Advisory Meeting and was also a UNESCO specialist from 2010 to 2016.

She has an MBA from HEC Paris and an MSc in World Examinations (financial matters) from Rulers School in London.

She was born in the majority Republic of the Congo and is currently in Paris and served as a specialist for Global Schooling Place in Paris, the French Training Service, and is currently the organizer and president of the Courbebaisse Counseling Meeting and was also a UNESCO specialist from 2010 to 2016.

My personal life

As you may have guessed from her name, Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is married to Louis-Marie de Whiskey. De Whiskey is a French blue blood fund manager who has been involved in different businesses throughout his career. She is currently responsible for the Global Schooling Community in Paris, where she offers courses on topics ranging from the history of crafts to business behaviour.

De Whiskey was naturally introduced to a group of French respectability in 1967 and grew up as a feature of a compelling military family that included a few different people who became notable citizens in general (including his father). His mother was also extremely active in legislative affairs during this period; she served as an elected member of parliament from 1986 to 1990 before resigning due to health problems directly related to her heart condition (she recently passed away).

The controversy

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse has come under scrutiny for her work with young people. The French government asked her to help set up another training plan, but she was criticized for involving him in supporting the rich and strong, on an equal footing.

She has also come under scrutiny for her work with the poor and working class. That’s what she believed that if you helped people bring money, they would be happy and willing to accommodate.

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is one of the most influential people in the world today.

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is probably one of the most compelling people today. She has been awarded for her work in training and has also been noticed by many people all over the world. Her work is highly appreciated by France and different nations, which makes her a prominent figure both publicly and globally.

She is the only child of Victor Courbebaisse and Simone Courbebaisse.

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is the only descendant of Victor and Simone Courbebaisse. She was brought into the world on November 4, 1927 in Paris, France, by caretakers who were both knowledge sellers and collectors.

She has one father: her brother Jean-Marie (conceived June 25, 1928). Marie Antoinette’s parents became isolated when she was young; they then separated in 1939 when she was 13 years old. After their separation, Victor married Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986), who had two little girls with him before separating again in 1953 after having lived together long enough respectively during which they raised five children together: Jacques Monod (1919 -2006 ); Françoise Monod (1920-2014), Paul Boutet (1922-2013), Georges Bizet (born 1930), and Anne-Laure Bizet (born 1932).

She is the daughter of a director of the Paris International Education Center.

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is the only descendant of Victor and Simone Courbebaisse. She graduated in thought at the University of Paris and her father is the supervisor of the Worldwide Training Place in Paris.

As an educational consultant, she began her career in 2001.

France was the birthplace of Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse on October 10, 1970. She began working as an educational consultant in 2001 and is currently the director of the organization’s global training program.

She is responsible for overseeing Groupe SEB’s innovative work exercises as well as its global training programs.

Skiing and swimming are among Mary-Antoinette’s hobbies.

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse loves the outdoors. She takes the opportunity to ski and swim, but on the other hand she loves to travel.

Louis and she love watching movies together.

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is married to Louis and they have a little boy together. She loves watching movies with her better half, who she also loves going to the movies.

Mary-Antoinette was recognized for her civic engagement work in 2014.

In 2014, Mary-Antoinette won a distinction for her work on the subway’s commitment to children. She received the prize in the class “Good Practices in Urban Engagement with Youth” from UNESCO and the European Committee.

She has one child and is divorced.

  • She is separated and has a little boy, Louis-Victor.
  • She married Louis Courbebaisse in 1960. She kicked the bucket in 1964 due to illness at the age of 41. Marie Antoinette was thirty years old at the time of her death, which left her pregnant with Victoire (currently thirty). The couple had no children together after this point; instead, they hired two young Cambodians: Eloi and Juliette (and later Léonie).

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Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse is a French financial director, donor and artist. She appeared in a few movies and TV shows, including “Spiderman” (2002) and “Examiner Contraption 2” (2003).

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