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Maui Chapman Net Worth and Early Life


Maui Chapman is an ex-wife of actor Leland. She rose to fame after the marriage. She is a citizen of the United States. She has two children, Cobie and Dakota. Her son Cobie was born on 7 December 2000. She is under the review of the courts for divorce. As of 2020, she is 19 years old. Her husband Leland is a fugitive recovery agent.

Maui’s net worth has not been publicly revealed, but her father Leland has a net worth of $2 million. He earned $400 million through his reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, which aired on A&E for eight seasons. His six million fortune is second only to his father. Besides his father, Maui is married to Leland. They have two children together. However, they divorced in 2005 and Maui hasn’t had any new relationships.


Maui Chapman is married to actor Leland Chapman. They met in 2006 while shooting Dog the Bounty Hunter, which earned him $400 million. He lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with his second wife, tattoo model Jamie Pilar Worley. The couple splits their time between Hawaii and Huntsville, Alabama, but Maui has not made any public appearances on social media. She does not use any social media sites, and her personal life is a secret.

Professional Life:

Before her marriage to Leland Chapman, Maui had little professional life. She married a famous bail bondsman in 1994 and became famous. After the divorce, she became the wife of a famous bail bondsman, Leland Chapman, a popular television personality. Together with her husband, she runs the reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” with his family. After the divorce, Leland began working at his father’s bail bondsman business.

Personal Life:

Maui Chapman’s divorce from Leland Chapman reveals that the couple had no prenuptial agreement. In the same way, they were never able to save Andrew Luster. During the divorce proceedings, Leland was arrested and kidnapped the cosmetics heir Andrew Luster. He was released on bail after a few days and has not returned to the court for a hearing. While Maui was born in Hawaii, she is currently an American citizen and resides in California.

Family Life:

Maui Chapman’s father was a bail bondsman and bounty hunter. She was married to Leland for ten years before divorcing him in 2005. After the divorce, she went out of the media’s way and was married to a second woman. Although Maui’s height is unknown, she is 5’9″ tall and is very attractive. Despite her recent divorce, she is still out of the limelight.

Maui Chapman’s parents were bounty hunters. Leland was a former bail bondsman and was sentenced to prison for cheating on his wife. After their marriage, Maui Chapman and Leland had two daughters, Dakota on March 24, 1995, and Cobie Blaine on December 7, 2000. During their marriage, the couple had two children, Dakota and Cobie. During this time, they had no children.

Childhood life:

Maui Chapman was born in Kailua, Hawaii. She is an American citizen with unknown ethnicity. She married Leland Chapman in 1994. The couple separated after ten years of marriage. The divorce was a bitter battle. Their two children are currently living with their mother, but there is a chance that she will marry again in the future. While her social media presence is limited, Maui has not been active on the internet in the last few years.

Maui Chapman was not a prominent public figure before the marriage. Leland is a bounty hunter and a former bounty hunter. After the marriage, he married tattoo model Jamie Pilar Worley and moved to Hawaii. He is a popular reality TV star, who lives with his wife in Huntsville, Alabama. While the two have three children together, their relationship has been in the public eye for several years now.

Complete Biography:

Maui Chapman is a 61-year-old former model. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 kilograms (121 pounds). She wears a 32-B bra. She has black hair and brown eyes. She has no children at the moment. While her marriage was once a happy one, Maui has a low-key lifestyle. Her son Leland has a girlfriend named Jamie Pilar Chapman.