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Meet Bumpy Johnson’s Daughter Elise


Margaret Johnson is the granddaughter of mobster Bumpy Johnson and his wife, Mayme Johnson, who lived in Harlem throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Bumpy Johnson is widely regarded as the “Godfather of Harlem,” and he served as the inspiration for the television series of the same name.

Elise Johnson is the biological daughter of Bumpy and Mayme Johnson, as well as the mother of Margaret Johnson. Despite the fact that she was a shoplifting heroin addict, her grandparents adopted her and raised her as their own child.

While Margaret’s grandparents avoided acknowledging that she was their granddaughter, she always felt like she belonged to them; they showered her with lavish presents throughout her upbringing and enrolled her in a private school to reinforce this impression in Margaret.

Throughout her older years, she learned that she had studied mathematics and had earned her commission by calculating her grandfather’s unlawful gambling income during her childhood.


Margaret Johnson is an American citizen, according to her nationality.


Margaret Johnson died of a heart attack at the age of 66, while she was in her sixties. Her year of birth was 1982.

Margaret Johnson’s height and weight are shown below.

The general public does not have access to Margaret Johnson’s critical statistical information. However, we can tell you that she is 5 feet tall and weighs around 61 kg.

Is Margaret Johnson Still Married Or Is She Living On Her Own?

It was not known to us if Margaret Johnson had a husband or not at the time. Despite this, she was the mother of Anthony Hatcher Johnson.

What Is The Estimated Net Worth Of Margaret Johnson?

Her estimated net worth is unknown to the general public, although her grandpa Bumpy Johnson has an estimated large net worth of $100 million, according to some estimates.

How Did Bumpy Johnson’s Daughter End Up In This Situation?

In 2006, Margaret Johnson was merely sitting in her motorized wheelchair near her home when a guy attempted to steal her purse and gold chain from under her seat belt. It turned out that they had picked the incorrect person, as she swiftly drew out her.357 magnums and shot him twice in the elbow; he was taken into custody by police minutes later. As a result of this occurrence, she was given the moniker “The Annie Oakley of Harlem.”

It has been announced that Justin Bartha, Annabella Sciorra, and Ronald Guttman have been added to the cast of EPIX’s dramatization of the Godfather of Harlem, who will appear in recurring roles in period two.

In real life, Johnson and Malcolm X had a long-standing acquaintance that dated back to the 1940s, when Malcolm X was a small street hustler known as Detroit Red because of his loosely curled, reddish-brown hair.

As a result of his split with the leaders of the Nation of Islam in 1964, Johnson provided Malcolm X with protection. However, Malcolm X informed Johnson that the association between the two was detrimental to his image, and Johnson fired his security guards as a result.

However, despite the fact that both Johnson and Powell Jr. were big power players in Harlem at the same time, there is no indication that they were acquainted with one another or that Powell had any links with the audience.

Johnson is a chess player, according to Whitaker, who spoke to KCRW. Using subtlety, Whitaker claims he got close to portraying Johnson’s role, attempting to juxtaposition the criminal crime lord’s life with the civil rights movement.

Whitaker claims that Johnson, as a black man, was often unable to strike deals as effectively as white criminals.

The father of Aretha Franklin, Clarence LaVaughn Franklin, will be played by Whitaker in the forthcoming biopic Respect. Franklin, a priest of the New Bethel Baptists Church in Detroit, Michigan, is described as a complicated guy who is continuously pressuring Aretha to become a musical celebrity by her congregation.

Whitaker claims that in order to prepare for the occasion, he talked with the pastor and dug deep into the character of Johnson and how others saw him.

Even though Whitaker isn’t sure when he’ll stop performing, he says that he generally thinks about ways to reduce and ease his workload.

During Godfather of Harlem era 2, Bumpy Johnson is pitted against New York crime families for control of the French Connection, a murderous and financially lucrative heroin pipeline that runs from Marseilles to New York Harbor.

Bulky draws inspiration from his friend Malcolm X’s ideology of black financial nationalism, which is distributed via a distribution network composed of black criminal offense managers from other big U.S. cities.

Story Associated with Starting on page one, you will find: Examine the script for the upcoming midseason finale of “Godfather of Harlem.” Godfather of Harlem, which is produced by ABC Signature Studios, was co-created and executive produced by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein, and it premiered on ABC on September 14, 2018. Better half Fay Bonanno will deal with the throng than Sciorra.

In this episode, Smith will appear as Sam Christian, the leader of the Philadelphia Black Mafia and a lifelong friend of Bumpy Johnson’s.

In terms of assets and income, Bumpy Johnson is a convicted felon who has amassed a fortune in excess of $100 million in assets. Mayme Hatcher’s encounter with Bumpy Johnson in 1948, according to Miller, was a complete coincidence. Miller stated that he imported heroin using the caskets of deceased American troops.

Despite popular belief, Johnson and Malcolm X had a long-standing friendship that dated back to the 1940s, when the latter was a small-time road hustler known as “Detroit Red” because of his untangled red-tinted hair and beard.

Aside from that, after Johnson split ways with the leaders of the Nation of Islam in 1964, he provided Malcolm X with protection. However, Malcolm X warned Johnson that it was terrible for his image for the two to be associated with one other, and Johnson fired his security guards.

Powell was a well-known civil rights activist, Baptist minister, and Democratic member of Congress. He was the first African-American to represent New York in the United States House of Representatives, and he served as the district’s representative in Congress for 26 years.

Despite the fact that both Johnson and Powell Jr. were prominent power players in Harlem at the same time, there is no evidence that the two were connected to one another, nor is there any evidence that Powell had links to the organized crime syndicate.