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Misty Loman Personal Life, And Present Life


If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably seen a mugshot viral series of a drug user identified as Misty Loman. Misty Loman is a woman from Kentucky who was detained for meth-related use in July of 2019. Following her arrest the Sheriff who arrested her released her photos, which went viral across the Internet. The pictures of her have become a hot subject on the Internet because her photos show how addiction to drugs can take over your life completely. Misty Dawn Loman is a meth addict from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Born in 1979 and is believed by experts to be between 41 and 42 years old. She has battled addiction to drugs throughout her life. She has been detained several times for abuse of drugs. The reason he began drinking isn’t known However, there are stories that claim that tragic events within her life forced her into the dark realm of drug addiction.

Your life

Misty was expecting, but tragically, both of her children passed away as one of them was stillborn, while other children died within the womb. The twins was killed within a month of his birth. According to medical reports their deaths weren’t caused by her use of drugs. Misty has a meth addiction and as a result of the excessive usage of meth she has developed a number of health issues that are life-threatening and not able to properly care for her children, Corey as well as Jacob.

The public’s reaction

Misty’s story has drawn the attention of many individuals and led to her gaining millions of followers on the Internet. People have been sending her numerous messages of support to her and have also protected her from the criticism which arose following her mugshots uploaded by the Sheriff became viral.

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A few facts about her

Many Legal charges are brought on Misty like owning marijuana or possessing drug-related items and manufacturing meth. Misty is a completely other story and is not acquiescing to any charges that have been imposed upon her. She is currently at the Warren County Regional Jail as she was detained on July 2 , and has the option of obtaining bail by paying $1000.

When the Sheriff published her photos, many people rallied around her and set up several Facebook pages under her name. They’re trying to aid Misty and raise money for her treatment as well as provide her with a better quality of life. Chemotherapy is causing her to lose hair and she suffers from a condition called Scleroderma, the name of a condition that causes connective tissues and skin become tough. The majority of cases occur between the ages of 30 to 50, and is the most significant reason behind her dreadful appearance and look.

Present life

If we look at the current condition of Misty the condition is much better and she’s in the process of recovering. A lot of people are supporting Misty on social media, however certain people are propagating rumors of her death. Her health is improving every day, and it is important to not believe any rumours concerning her death or her declining health without verifying it.