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Mollie Gallagher Wiki, Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Net Worth, And More 


Mollie Gallagher is an actress and model from the United Kingdom. There are several television shows where she has played the lead role, starting with Coronation Street (2006) as well as Loose Women (2000) and Granada Reports (1992). The character of Nina played by her in Coronation Street was one of her most prominent roles. 

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Coronation Street’s Mollie Gallagher

This is the longest-running television show in the world, with millions of viewers watching every week. In Coronation Street, she played the role of Nina, a character who was admired by all. This year, she made her debut as a character on Coronation Street. Mollie went from being a seat filler to winning the award in just two years.

Parents of Mollie Gallagher (Names of Father and Mother)

A daughter of Liam Gallagher (father) and Lisa Gallagher (mother), Mollie Gallagher was born on November 21, 1976. In addition to being a singer and songwriter, her father also writes songs. As well as singing, her mother plays the piano. There is no marriage between her parents. Lennon and Gene Gallagher are her two brothers.

We have much information about Mollie Gallagher, including her parents, ethnicity, Wikipedia, age, boyfriend, net worth, and more.

Ethnicity & Nationality of Mollie Gallagher

An English-Welsh ethnicity describes Mollie Gallagher. Welsh descent is in her mother’s family, and English descent is in her father’s family. Mollie Gallagher holds British nationality. 

Wikipedia, Biography of Mollie Gallagher

The United Kingdom was the birthplace of Molly Gallagher on December 11, 1997. She is known by her full name Mollie Gallagher. It is not yet possible to find out Molly’s educational background. 

Age and biography of Mollie Gallagher

There are 23 years left in Mollie Gallagher’s life. As a Sagittarius, she is born under the sign of the Sagittarius. His religion of Gallagher is unknown. With her acting debut, Coronation Street premiered a new season in 2019.

Dan Myers and Mollie Gallagher are dating.

Dan Myers is Mollie’s boyfriend, and she is unmarried. Besides being a musician, Dan is an ITV editor and a guitarist.

Height and weight of Mollie Gallagher

The height of Molly Gallagher is 5 feet 1 inch, while her weight of Molly Gallagher is 50 kilograms. 

Mollie Gallagher

The net worth of Mollie Gallagher

It is estimated that Mollie’s net worth is approximately $2 million. 

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Mollie Gallagher FAQ

Q.1 What is Mollie Gallagher?

Ans. Model and actress Mollie Gallagher hail from the United Kingdom.

Q.2 What is the age of Mollie Gallagher?

Ans. The age of Mollie Gallagher is 23.

Q.3 What are Mollie Gallagher’s parents?

Ans. Liam Gallagher (father) and Lisa Gallagher (mother) are the parents of Mollie Gallagher.

Q.4 Can you describe Mollie Gallagher’s ethnicity?

Ans. It is unknown what ethnicity Mollie Gallagher belongs to.

Q.5 How tall is Mollie Gallagher?

Ans. Five feet and one inch is Mollie’s height.

Q.6 What is the name of Liam Gallagher’s Daughter?

Ans. Her father is Liam Gallagher, and she is his daughter.