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mSpy: The most popular spy app on the market


It is no secret that every day it becomes more and more necessary for parents to know what their children are doing with their cell phones. In an increasingly technological world, where having a smartphone is already common, communications have become faster, more efficient, and are within the reach of most people, but certain dangers are also increasing, such as not knowing who may hide behind a screen while writing to our children.

That is why, besides better and more innovative security methods for cellphones, there are others, which although it may seem that many violate security, if used ethically and in this way. specific purpose, they can be very useful to protect children … And these are spy or tracking apps for mobile phones including free iPhone spy software without installation.

And among those software that are selling more and more in the digital market, there is one that has become very popular thanks to the features and security it offers to parents: mSpy. Here we present its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as its position with consumers.

Purpose and characteristics

mSPy is a tracking application developed for parents to monitor their children’s usage of their mobile devices, as well as businesses wishing to prevent information leaks. It has about 30 specific basic functions that let you know about call records, contact list, media files, SMS and email data, web browsing histories, and GPS location, among others.

Moreover, with it, you can access data from other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, Line, and Telegram, and even block it. This application is compatible with devices that use operating systems such as iOS or Android, although the latter is in a more limited way.

How does it work?

To use this software, you must purchase its license. It offers three plans: a basic, a premium, and a family (which will allow you to track different devices from the same account). Its trial version is free and expires after a few days of use. The first step is to sign up and purchase the package of your choice. Then you will need to download and install the app on the mobile device to be monitored. Only for iOS, there is a version for mobile phones without jailbreak (released) that allows you to use the app without being installed on the phone to follow, using the iCloud password, which you must have to apply this method.

All the information collected from the monitored mobile will be sent to the user’s web account, who does not need to download the app on their phone to access data and functions. And that offers the option of stealth, that is, the person being tracked will not know that they are being spied on. mSpy has become one of the most popular spy apps on the market with over 1 million users worldwide.

It is one of the most recommended on various websites and with the best opinions from Internet users. According to the reviews made by the experts and those who have used this software, there are several advantages and also some significant disadvantages which have been pointed out by them.


  • It is legal to use a free trial version and has a refund system
  • Its wide range of options makes it one of the most complete on the market.
  • Allows multiple monitoring
  • It has a good correlation between price and quality
  • Blocking apps and calls makes it very useful for parental monitoring
  • Good interface


Although it is cataloged as one of the best apps for cell phone tracking, some have reported that the downside that mSpy might bring is that in order to access some of the functions, regardless of the plan you choose, you must have your mobile unlocked. When in doubt, mSpy has positioned itself on such a grand scale by offering seriousness to those looking for a reliable option in the midst of so many deceptive offers, and also doing so for a task that is always controversial. However, it has become an effective tool for concerned parents.