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Night Vision Mode On Soundcloud


The world’s most popular music and audio streaming service now have a dark mode! You won’t have to worry about eye strain from the website’s brilliant white backdrop for the first time. users, you may not be aware of the following facts before learning how to activate the dark theme on the streaming service. A preliminary look at the SoundCloud dark mode that can be started with Night Eye.

SoundCloud is the world’s biggest audio and music distribution website, allowing users to share and post their music and promote it.

In Germany, the company’s main offices are located. Musicians have previously been able to share and discuss their music recordings using this platform. With more than 170 million monthly visitors, it has become the most popular music-sharing website globally.

People may discover and enjoy music from a variety of artists using this audio and music portal. They may also build a fan base and interact with other musicians by posting their music on it. Millions of music songs, including freestyles and remixes, may be found on SoundCloud.

  • Soundcloud Is A Free Music Sharing Service

SoundCloud is a free music-sharing service growing in popularity daily because of its outstanding features and one-of-a-kind content. Using it, artists may make money and stay in touch with their fans all around the globe.

The portfolio of audio and music streaming services is the most varied and unique. On top of that, there are over 200 million songs from various musical genres, including brand new releases on playlists.

Additionally, SoundCloud users have access to the SoundCloud community’s collective wisdom. In simply, SoundCloud allows you to submit any music recording and listen to the sound that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Sound Cloud: Some Fun Information To Know

More than 25 million musicians are using SoundCloud’s music-sharing platform.

More than 200 million songs have been uploaded to Sound Cloud as of this writing.

It is used by people from more than 190 countries every day. In addition, 25 percent of Americans utilize Sound Cloud on their mobile devices.

More than $200 million is expected to be earned by SoundCloud in 2019.

After Spotify expressed interest in buying SoundCloud, the latter set a $1 billion price tag on the service.

How To Activate Soundcloud’s Dark Mode?

Many people have been requesting that the dark theme be adopted in both mobile applications and online versions. We now have a fantastic dark mode for mobile applications after a long wait. The SoundCloud Help Center has quick tips on activating dark mode on iOS and Android – Dark way – SoundCloud Help Center.

Unfortunately, SoundCloud is still ignoring those of us who love listening to music as we work on our computers. No official dark theme may be used when searching through the millions of music on the internet. If you wish to use dark mode, you’ll need to find a solution elsewhere.

Night Eye is one such option. It’s a SoundCloud browser plugin that lets you switch to dark mode (and the rest of the internet). Three months of a free trial period are included with every purchase. Night Eye Lie or the Pro, which costs just $9 annually, may be used in its place when its trial period expires.


This article explains how we used the observer pattern to implement a dark mode in the SoundCloud iOS app. But this isn’t the only example of the design. The observer pattern may be used in various contexts, including to tell the app’s many architectural levels that playing has begun; a music player must implement this feature.