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Nina Warhurst Husband, Biography, Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth, And More


Nina Warhurst has been working for the BBC since 1989. She is an actor, journalist, and news reader. A field producer for HBS Host Broadcast Services, she was also on the ground at the FIFA World Cup 2014 from May to July 2014. 

The second day in a row, she has stepped down from her job as co-host for BBC Breakfast, replacing Naga Munchetti, whom she had replaced the previous day. A co-host of BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stat, Naga Munchetti, has been on television every Thursday and Saturday for the past two years.

During his interview on BBC Breakfast’s Nina Warhurst’s show on Tuesday morning, Edward Argar was asked about the latest reports of the Downing Street party violating lockdown rules since the health minister asked the inquiry.

Husband of Nina Warhurst

We want to tell you that she is married since most people search the internet about her wife. A wedding took place between her and Ted. A four-year relationship ended in 2014 with their wedding. Their names are not mentioned, but they have two sons.

Pregnant or not, Nina Warhurst?

The year 2021 will not see Nina Warhurst pregnant. There will be no child for her. Two of her children have already been born.

Parents of Nina Warhurst (Father, Mother)

There is no information about Nina Warhurst’s parents. There is no information about her sibling.

Ethnicity of Nina Warhurst 

She holds Caucasian ethnicity. British nationality is hers. 

In this blog, you read all the details of Nina Warhurst’s Parents, Biography, Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth, And More.

Nationality of Nina Warhurst

She has been British since she was born in Sale, Greater Manchester.

Wiki and biography of Nina Warhurst


Born in Sale, Greater Manchester, on October 28, 1980, Nina Warhurst is the daughter of two parents. Nina Warhurst was born in the United Kingdom. As a high school graduate, she completed her schooling. Her college studies were in History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Graduating with honors, she received an MA degree in 2004. Following that, she earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Westminster.

Age and biography of Nina Warhurst

By 2022, Nina Warhurst will have completed 41 years of her life. As a Libra, she is the Zodiac sign due to her birth date of October 28.

The religion she holds is not provided anywhere online, so let us tell you that it is not given in any form on the internet. 

Height and weight of Nina Warhurst

Physically, Nina Warhurst is 5 foot two inches when standing up, so her height size is Five feet two inches. She weighs around 50 kg if we talk about her weight.

The career of Nina Warhurst

Her experience at FIFA World Cup 2014 included serving as a field producer for HBS Host Broadcast Services from May to July.

In addition, Naga Munchetti replaced her for a second consecutive day as the co-host of BBC Breakfast.

The BBC Breakfast show is co-hosted by Naga Munchetti and Charlie Stat on Thursdays and Saturdays.

A co-hosting team of Dan Walker and Sally Nugent was on hand to host the show on Monday and Wednesday.

Despite Naga Lal’s absence on Thursday and Friday, Nina Warhurst arrived in her place.

The net worth of Nina Warhurst

Nina Warhurst has a net worth of $6.5 million. You are probably wondering what Nina Warhurst’s net worth is since she has coached many teams during her career. She is not revealed anywhere about her net worth, so we don’t know what she is worth.

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Nina Warhurst FAQ

Q.1 What is Nina Warhurst?

Ans. BBC Breakfast presenter Nina Warhurst is an English journalist and newsreader who also appears in movies and TV shows.

Q.2 What is Nina Warhurst’s relationship with her parents?

Ans. The names of her parents are unknown.

Q.3 What is the name of Nina Warhurst’s Boyfriend?

Ans. There is a marriage between them. She is married to Ted.

Q.4 How much is Nina Warhurst worth?

Ans. There is no information about her net worth.

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