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No Face Has 14 Fascinating Facts


Spirited Away is one of the top Studio Ghibli films. It is a gorgeous story of coming-of-age that mixes adventures and fantasy, and just the right amount of danger prevents the film from becoming too frightening to Princess Mononoke. Learn More Facts About No-Face  here!

Hayao Miyazaki The Japanese director who is the director of Hayao Miyazaki was inspired to create the animated film due to a friend of his, who was a girl who was just 10 years old. The film stars No-Face. one of the intriguing characters of Miyazaki.

Chihiro Ogino’s very first encounter with No-Face takes place In Spirited Away. The character is transparent and nobody appears to notice. After being given the name Sen By Yubaba and transformed into an employee in the bathhouse No-Face is transformed from a quiet, shy character to a fierce creature. The fans may not have realized the interesting facts of No-Face, the “monster,” There is more to this story than what is visible.

Richard Keller updated this page on March 27, 2019, 2021: Spirited Away is still an excellent example of top-quality anime, almost 20 years after its debut. It bridges the gap between kids and adults. Studio Ghibli also developed No-Face as the Mascot. Here are some more information regarding this character.

14 Face is an Anti-Villain

The second main character in the film isn’t a hero. No-Face isn’t an antagonist. The spirit is somewhere between. The spirit is considered to be an anti-villain if it is an apparition with a massive appetite. It is an anti-hero or as some non-corporeal beings are known an antagonist.

Consider No Face’s actions. No Face. The white-masked creature doesn’t only consume evil spirits. It will also feast on others, so it won’t be alone. It has also been known to befriend Chihiro. No-Face is the most harmful of all when it consumes dark spirits. Think of the mutant X-Men’s Rogue by absorbing the power of Green Goblin.

13 Non-Binary – No-Face

No-Face first came to prominence as an entity. He’s always been called”he” instead of “he” whenever he is mentioned. Later, it was realized that the Spirit doesn’t have any gender.

It’s logical. It’s a white mask-like face, which isn’t classified by gender. It is a ferocious eater which is similar to the typical Las Vegas buffet guest. No-Face ultimately is merely a spirit seeking answers.

12 No-Face Inspired Star Wars Villian

Star Wars fans who have not seen the films are not likely to have heard of Darth Nihilus. Most likely, if they’ve been in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II the Sith Lords, No-Face created this Dark Lord.

The resemblance of the two is stunning. In order to make Nihilus appear as if he is ghostly, He is wearing the same black, featureless, black costume as No-Face. While there have been designing modifications to his mask, the emptiness of his face remains evident. The difference is within the character’s moods. While we aren’t able to discern No Face’s mood but we do know what Nihilus dislikes.

11 No-Face is a plush Toy (among others)

The character No-Face is the main character for Ghibli Studios since its introduction in the early years of the 21st Century. No wonder No-Face is featured in numerous merchandise.

The anti-villain is available as a doll toy as well as a music player or a car windshield decal. Many of the clothing items include No-Face’s empathetic mask as well as an assortment of transparent figures that resemble the non-human form of No-Face.


The footprints of No-Face are visible as walking. If the viewers are attentive to this, they’ll notice. This raises questions as to whether the spirit wishes to be observed at all.

It’s fascinating to observe footprints throughout the film since it’s an amalgamation between Chihiros spirits world and the physical world. The footprints could be in the film to show the point that No Face was not just an imagination of Chihiro.

9 His Name Isn’t Kaonashi

Japanese is not the primary choice of language for No-Face. But, it is often known as “No Face” in Japan. In Japanese, the term “Konishi” is used instead. Kaonashi is the name of the spirit. The word translates to “Faceless.” Kaonashi’s description of the creature is precise. It wears masks for his face but does not have a face. But, he is able to absorb the faces of those around him and develops new perceptions and perspectives from people he encounters.

The No-Face does not have a face, it’s nearly entirely without a body. The black and tube-like body seems hollow because it is packed with the opinions and thoughts of other people.

8 He Was Inspired Babette’s Feast

The writer explained the gluttony of No-Face within Spirited Away when he was asked about the issue. He stated that Babette’s Feast has inspired him. It’s a gorgeous film. Miyazaki has stated that even in the film, characters eat lots.

The No-Face girl doesn’t have everything. A lot of characters struggle with controlling their appetites. Chihiro’s parents are pigs because of their insatiable appetites when they cannot refrain from eating spirits at the restaurant. Yubaba’s infant Bo is also too greedy. Yubaba’s sister Zeniba says he’s “a bit too porker” when she meets him.

7 His Mask Has A Better Mouth

The mask of No-Face, composed out of Japanese art and is adorned with gorgeous grey and violet shades and is absolutely stunning. The show has a tiny mouth that changes according to their mood of his. But the mouth of the mask isn’t his. It conceals a far more risky set of chompers that are helpful in cases where Yubaba decides to feed workers in the bathroom of Yubaba.

The teeth of the spirit, which are primarily the molars, do not appear to grind at all. This leaves our group of swallowed characters unharmed and can be escaped after they’ve all been reabsorbed by the spirit.

6 He Eats Others, Gains Their Personality Traits

No-Face’s physical appearance is noticed by those who observe his appearance. He has even developed frog-like legs and is more quickly. After ingesting Aogaeru (the blue-kimono-wearing, frog) and gaining an over-indulgent personality. After he’s consumed Aogaeru the frog can speak and talk with Aogaeru’s voice.

No-Face is a lonely person and hopes to connect with other people. It is his belief that eating and acting as a bathhouse worker it will allow him to get some recognition from Sen.

5 He is Not as Greedy He Seems

No-Face appears to be a shrewd person, consuming all the food items that cross his path and demanding everything at the Studio Ghibli bathhouse. He’s a flex-minded spirit who adapts to the demands of other people. He’s not too sure about bathhouses and Sen will let him help her with bathing tokens.

No-Face discovers the secrets to the bathhouse by learning from guests. But he starts to desire things from the world and the more people who eat him and drink, the more human-like it appears that he is. Sen who was given her magical emetic dumpling via The River Spirit to “cure” No-Face, is able to make him an acquaintance once more.

4 He Has an Actual Form

Miyazaki In the interview Japanese spirits does not have a physical appearance. So, even No-Face, every spirit is merely the representation of or a more powerful model than of the spirit or god. “Japanese gods do not have a specific status. They are located in pillars, rocks, or even in trees. He said that they needed an entry form in the bathhouse.

This is a fantastic concept for the Shinto kami which aren’t separated from the natural world, but rather within it. This is also a good idea for what is good for children’s films. Spirited Away was a movie that teens would enjoy which is why it required strong characters.

3 He is a Nopperabo

The Copper-bo, also known as the ghost with no face is a mythological creature that appears in Japanese yokai tales. They are often depicted as human-like beings and, although they pose no risk to human beings, however, they can be scary. They fool their victims into thinking they’re a trusted friend. They remove their faces in exchange for a blank face.

No-Face doesn’t resemble a Noppera-bo since he wants the approval of Chihiro and not from her fear. The animated film is yet another instance of Miyazaki making urban legends an animated film that’s child-friendly but still a bit disturbing.

2 He is The Subject Of Main Fan Theories

Spirited Away Anime Director Hayao Miyazaki

Fans are always intrigued by the stories behind their favorite characters No-Face is certainly no one of them. Many people believe that No-Face may be an additional human being who is trapped inside the Spirit World. Perhaps he wasn’t as courageous in the time Yubaba was his name. He wasn’t able to secure his freedom. His transparency is used to prove the theory as well as the transparency of Chihiro as well as the other passengers in the train.

Miyazaki has not ruled out a number of theories, such as N0-Face which he believes is a representation of the horrific conditions of Japanese child labor. Miyazaki has even made statements that suggest the film was created to be an allegory of something much more sinister.

1 Bob Bergen Voiced He

Although his voice isn’t the best, he does create sounds and lines that are similar to other characters. Bob Bergen, the voice of Spirited Away in English, is the spirit of the character. Bergen is well-known as the voice of Looney Tunes voice, making characters like Tweety Bird Porky Pig, and Marvin the Martian come to life. However, he also has voiced characters from Fraggle rock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Robot Chicken as well as Robot Chicken.

The voice actor of No Face is Japanese actor Akio Nagura in the Japanese version. Sen and Chihiro Spiriting Away.