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What Happened To Paige Wyatt? American Guns: The Untold Story  


Paige Wyatt, “American Guns” which was shot in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, in 1984, is where she is most known for her role as one of the show’s stars. Discovery canceled the show in 2012 after it aired from 2011 to 2012 due to current events in the United States.

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The Total Assets Of Paige Wyatt

In late 2019, it was estimated that Paige Wyatt’s net worth was at least $1 million, owing to her business and reality-TV achievements.

Aside from running her own businesses, she also sells products and garment lines via the websites of other companies.

United States Of America Life, Work, And Guns

Paige Wyatt

Renee Wyatt’s daughter Paige is the product of her previous marriage with Charles Grewcock, a Connecticut native. She lived with her half-brother Kurt from that marriage for many years. After her parents divorced in 2007, she had two more children with Rich Wyatt, with whom she later married in 2010.

Within a year of their marriage, Paige Rodriguez became increasingly involved with her stepfather’s Gunsmoke Guns business. The moment it became clear that it might make money, other television producers took note.

As a result, the family was requested to participate in a new reality show called “American Guns.” In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a new family is trying to find a work-life balance. That’s the focus of the narrative.

Paige Wyatt is a singer and songwriter.

Guns and weapons trade education is the family industry.

The Abandonment Of Family Roles

Every episode of “American Guns” features the whole family. It was a review and evaluation of guns. They were able to complement one another in the areas of production and customization.

When Kurt, Paige’s younger brother, was 19, he began engraving. Paige was responsible for all of the company’s third-party sales and labor negotiations.

She also has a personal collection of guns due to her penchant for them.

Paige Wyatt

Many people were interested in Wild West-era artifacts, and so they used their shooting skills to help create more sales. In addition to challenging consumers, they sought rare weaponry that they might resale to collectors for a profit. One of the evening’s special guests was “The Bachelorette” star Jesse Csinsack.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in 2012, Discovery promptly canceled the program. He went on a killing rampage at the high school, killing 20 pupils and six staff members, after murdering his mother before heading there.

On February 14, 2012, a mass shooting occurred in Aurora, Colorado, which is now known as the fourth deadliest in US history. As a result of the incident, the issue of gun violence, safety, and weapon limits was raised. A good second season had been achieved before the news came.

  1. Wyatt’s Arrest And Other Matters

He lost his federal firearms license (FFL) following the end of the reality show because he violated the rules and weapons laws while filming. That didn’t deter him from using someone else’s FFL to conduct his company. Financial problems were discovered when robbers broke into his shop and took two guns and 12 pistols from him.

The ATF raided the firm two years later and ordered it to be shut down as a consequence. Even though Wyatt was not licensed to sell guns, store personnel were prohibited from doing so. He was arrested and imprisoned. Besides that, he submitted an untrue income tax return and concealed approximately $1 million in personal earnings.

He was convicted of 10 crimes and given a sentence of 78 months in prison and three years of supervised release. However, when he offered an apology, the court assumed it was out of fear of the punishments, not real sorrow.

Everyday Routines In The Household

Currently, Paige Wyatt is single, and there is no hint of a romantic connection. Paige Wyatt Merchandise was established as a clothing line because of her popularity on television.

She also chose to go into business for herself and formed a partnership with Hughwear to launch a clothing line. However, despite the fact that she is no longer in the gun-making business, she still maintains a large arsenal.

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