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Phil Creswick


On October 12, 1965, in Charlwood, Surrey, Philip Creswick was born. He is an English musician.

As a dancer with the Seventh Avenue Dance Team, Creswick started his professional career. Afterward, he was a member of the boy band Big Fun, which was active from 1989 and 1994. Several reviewers believe they’re a precursor to the band seizing That. Their rendition of “Blame It on the Boogie” peaked at number four in the UK singles chart in 1990, while they were at number seven in the UK album chart with A Pocketful of Dreams.

For Winning London, Creswick teamed up with Jason Creasey and Vince Clarke on the Family Fantastic album Nice (released in 2000). Home Bird Live, Sarah Millican, and the Buzzcocks have all included him as a guest star.

Creswick went on to work as a painter and decorator when Big Fun broke up.

For illegal drug possession and distribution and money laundering, Creswick was charged in September 2017. Creswick is HIV positive and openly gay.

Phil Creswick, Big Fun’s lead singer, avoided a prison sentence for selling chemsex drugs due to his “hellish” medical condition. When a former boy band member was caught peddling chemsex pills worth $3,500 out of his living room, he was allowed to walk because of his precarious condition.

At the police raid, they found a considerable amount of the drugs in Creswick’s flat in Clapham, southwest London.

According to medical papers seen by Judge Julian Malin, Creswick’s hedonistic lifestyle has finally caught up with him. He was found to have a large number of narcotics that he was using to supply, no doubt for money, to men who came to his flat to engage in sexual activity with each other and with the other inhabitants of the property,” the judge stated, according to the New York Times.

A typical street dealer, like Mr. Creswick, deals with the general population and sells or persuades them into purchasing class A drugs like cocaine or heroin.

Though he didn’t exactly give them away for free, these are all narcotics that might be used for partying and sex.”

Mr. Creswick is already living in a hell of his own making, and the material I’ve gleaned from the trial and hospital records shows that.”Under these conditions, I’m willing to hand down a concise sentence of incarceration, with the understanding that it will be suspended.

An attorney for the prosecution, Archie MacKay, described how investigators discovered mephedrone and MDMA in wallpaper rolls and aerosol cans.

Creswick’s bedroom was reportedly littered with various narcotics, including two-liter bottles of GBL.

Stock Aitken Waterman, the hitmakers behind Big Fun’s chart-topping cover of Michael Jackson’s Blame It On The Boogie, helped launch its career in the late 1980s.

Before breaking up in 1994, they had two more top ten singles and an album in the top ten.

On the back of Creswick’s bedroom door, police discovered a WD40 can in a pouch that could be unscrewed and used to conceal drugs.

Mr. MacKay remarked, “When the can’s bottom is unscrewed, a drug storage area is revealed. It was a powdered mixture of crystal meth, MDMA, and ketamine.

That’s how it was built; it’s ready to go and an excellent area to hide and transport drugs around London.

Pc Daniel Garwood, one of the officers who participated in the raid, testified in court: “An active LGBT community can be found in the Vauxhall neighborhood of London.

“It’s not uncommon for us to see gay or bisexual males using drugs to enhance their sex lives.

“When we walked into the apartment, we saw webcams aimed towards the bed, neon lighting, and a lot of drug-related activities.

He was sentenced to four months suspended for a year and ordered to complete a 20-hour rehabilitation activity.

Class B and Class C drugs were found in possession of Milton, a Brixton resident.

His sentence was suspended for one year, and he must complete 100 hours of unpaid community service.