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Phillip Phillip Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life


Philip LaDon Phillip Jr. The name he was given at birth is Philip LaDon Phillip Jr. to him at the moment of his birth. He’s chosen to pursue his profession as a musician, music producer, and singer. He earned his fame when he won his 12th series of American Idol. The song he performed, performed in the arena of American Idol, was named “Home .”Another song that he sang when he performed was “THE WORLD from the side of the MOON .”His work was sold in a variety of copies to his followers. Millions of his songs were bought by fans.


Early Life

He went down to earth on the 20th of September, in 1990. His birthplace was Albany in Georgia. as Georgia, U.S. He was born to Sheryl Phillips, and was married to Phillip LaDon Donnie Phillips Sr. When he was just 12-years-old, he moved to Leesburg in Georgia. in Georgia. There were two of his siblings, and both are sisters with the names La Donna and La Donna, while he was blessed with Lacey. He was born and was raised in Sasser. He was educated through Lee County High School. He completed his radiation at the college that is known as Albany Technical college. He was a specialization in this subject, which refers to Industrial Systems Technology. He didn’t complete his graduation ceremony and facilitation day due to being an American idol. At just 14, he began his guitar playing skills. He was learning, and he was taught by his brother and friend, Benjamin Neil.


He began his professional career in 2012. He was a judge for the American Idol audition in Savannah held in Georgia. He was able to perform the audition singing the song Superstition which Stevie Wonder originally sang. After seeing him perform, Megan Micheal said he was extremely impressed and believed he was a contender to be the winner of the season.

On February 23, 2012, he won the honor of being selected as the top 25th finalist. He was voted the Top13. His voice was often correlated with the artist “The Stone .”In the middle of American Idol, he was being taken to Hospital as an emergency case. He was suffering from kidney stones. While he was preparing his final exam, the singer did Nice & Slow.

The song was his rendition of the National Anthem in the Opening ceremony at the 2012 World Series. He sang “Home .”The song sold over millions of copies. The song received a lot of media attention and gained him lots of attention from his followers. He was a part of labels like 19 as well as Interscope. The albums were sold in the region of 2.7 million Times. In Spotify his account, the artist had millions and billions of streams.

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Personal Life

While he was taking American Idol, he suffered from kidney disease. He was operated on to remove kidney stones. Eliminated. He announced that he would be getting married to his long-time partner, Hannah Backwell, on 26th December 2014. They were married in Albany, which is located in Georgia, in the same year, 2014. The couple gave birth to a son.

Net Worth

He is a millionaire with an Net worth of approximately $ 3.5 million that he earned through his music career and commitment.