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Starting a Pollution Testing Center (PUC Center) and earning ₹30 thousand per month


Start a PUC or pollution testing center as a small business center.

An instruction manual for starting a Pollution Testing Center or PUC Center is provided below:

This business concept is perfect for you if you want to make money with little initial cost. The Indian government has mandated that all automobiles get a pollution certificate. By establishing a pollution testing facility, you can invest and make money.

If you’re seeking for the greatest business idea in India or want to launch your own company with little capital, opening a centre for pollution testing might bring in up to Rs. 30 per month.

You only need to invest at least 10,000 rupees to launch your own small business, following which you can open your own pollution testing facility.

Your earnings will begin the day you open the pollution testing centre. You might possibly make between 1000 and 1500 rupees every day through this venture. This means that you can make between 30,000 and 40,000 rupees every month.

This is a fantastic business opportunity if you’re looking to conduct business. You can start a business with just 10,000 rupees and make well from it, so it won’t need much funding.

You can make between 30 and 45 thousand rupees a month at the very least using this. The Motor Vehicles Act has just been put into effect by the central government. Therefore, a pollution certificate is required for everyone.

Since that time, India’s Pollution Testing Center business is profitable. The new law’s stringent guidelines for fines are the cause for this.

Any carelessness in this regard won’t be permitted. Everyone is having their vehicle’s pollution checked in such a condition. You can also launch this company in this manner. You might make a monthly income of 30,000 rupees using this.

 Pollution Testing Center

Starting a facility for testing pollutants won’t cost you much money. This enterprise can be launched with simply 10,000 rupees. The best part is that the federal government is also lending money to anybody who want to launch a business.

So you can benefit from this. A pollution testing facility can be established with minimal financial outlay. Your earnings will begin on the first day. You may make between $1,000 and $1,500 every day, according to estimates. indicating that you may make between 30 and 50,000 rupees every month.

How To Register With a Pollution Testing Center

A pollution testing center can be established anyplace near an auto shop or a petrol pump.

  • You must first obtain a license from the Regional Transport Officer to open a licensed Vehicle Pollution Checking Center (RTO). Some states offer the option of applying online.
  • Visit to submit an online application.
  • The local authority must be contacted for a No Objection Certificate.

Can an Authorized Pollution Checking Center be opened?

  • Testing for vehicle pollution Only yellow-colored cottages are allowed to open centers as a sign of identity.
  • Cabin Dimensions: Approximately 2 meters wide, 2.5 meters long, and 2 meters high.
  • The license number must be written on the pollution testing facility.
  • Any company, society, person, or organization within the nation may launch this venture.

A certified certificate from an auto mechanics, automobile engineering, diesel mechanics, motor mechanics, scooter mechanics, or industrial training institute is required to launch this firm.

You can start a Pollution Testing Center – PUC Center if you too wish to launch a business with less capital. One of the best small businesses to launch is this one.