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PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update: Spider-Man Joins The Battle


For a short period, Spider-Man has come on the PUBG Mobile island.

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Spider-Man is set to make another appearance, this time in PUBG Mobile’s Version 1.8 update.

From January 12 to February 14, Spider-Man will be available in the mobile combat royale. In the Spider-Man mode, gamers may join up with the Marvel superhero to combat enemies around the battlefield. Helping Spider-Man defeat enemies earns him Spider-Man themed rewards like a Web Shooter.

The Spider-Man mode is part of the PUBG Mobile 1.8 release, which also includes a new map named Aftermath. This mode contains a bombed-out Livik area with new gameplay components including ziplines and Recall Towers that can bring back fallen comrades. The update also contains several bug fixes and other tweaks; the entire list of changes is included below.

Spider-Man: No Way Home joins Godzilla vs. Kong and Arcane: A League of Legends Story as limited-time PUBG Mobile collaborations. The webslinger is part of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 battle pass, which runs through early March.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.8 Notes


Classic Mode Maps

  • Select AfterMath in Unranked – Classic Mode.


  • Bombs and volcanic eruptions changed the landscape of Livik. Years later, the survivors redouble their efforts to prepare for new dangers.
  • The AC Core Module makes all weapons simpler to aim and control. The improved scope also makes aiming with the crosshairs simpler. We hope these adjustments keep shooting entertaining throughout the game.
  • The new map’s urban area and Playzone density have been reduced to make it simpler to find foes.
  • By default, characters have Tactical Glasses, which depict the damage done by guns.
  • Added an interactive zipline to traverse between Playzones.
  • Added a recall mechanism that allows all players one opportunity to return. Help your buddies find the Recall Tower!

Mode Selection Upgrades

Unranked and Ranked Modes (BETA)

As a result, we’ve split unranked and ranked modes and improved the mode entrances to make them more simple and easy for our numerous users. Play a game with your pals today!

  • Ranked Modes: These modes provide rating points. Classic Mode – Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok.
  • Unranked Modes: These modes do not provide rating points. Some of the modes include:

The classic mode includes maps like AfterMath and Erangel

Team Deathmatch, Team Gun Game, and various Arena modes

Others: AI versus AI, Metro Royale, Quick Matches, Arcade Mode – War, Payload 2.0, and additional EvoGround variants.

  • Removed Drop Tactics function. No more numerous options in Classic Mode.

Modified the position of the mode records to remove them. Optimised vision.

Changed the mode selection screen to make it more succinct and easier to use.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update: Spider-Man Joins The Battle

Classic Mode Upgrades

New Store

  • Added a Shop. Find the store on the battlefield and buy supplies and tactical equipment to arm yourself and win the decisive triumph! Maps Accepted:

o Erangel – Classic, Unranked, Class, Spider-Man

o Livik – Classic, Unranked, Class, Spider-Man

o AfterMath

Mechanic Recall

  • Each player has one opportunity to return. Help your buddies find the Recall Tower! Maps Accepted:

o Erangel – Rank – Spidey

No. 1 Ranked Mode – Spidey

o AfterMath

Basic Mechanics Upgrades

  • Added a feature that enables players to keep swimming even if they are near death.
  • Added the Hit Marking feature, which creates a marker anytime a player or teammate strikes an adversary.
  • Added a map marker functionality for the leap phase. When enabled, pressing the map during the leap phase places a mark and creates a light pillar.
  • Added auto-jump. When activated, players will automatically leap in the direction of a map marker.

Gun balancing

  • MG3: Default firing mode 660 RPM; recoil +10%
  • M16A4: Tracer effect added to rounds; recoil lowered.
  • MK47: Tracer effect added to rounds; recoil lowered.

Aiming a Gun Mech

A tiny variation in the scattering value of weapons while firing without scoping in was fixed.

Modes of Reply

  • Metro Royale: Reunion returns January 24, 02:00 (UTC +0). Added Lv. 10 entrance criterion. Metro Royale requires a social network account.
  • Payload 2.0 will be accessible from January 26, 02:00 (UTC +0).

React Survival to close

  • React Survival mode will end at 23:59 UTC on January 10, 2022.

Security Basics


  • We have redesigned the Merit system for improved gameplay.

o We modified the Merit rules to protect the gaming environment and reward players who have maintained high Merit for a long period.

o We strengthened the detection rules for infractions to penalise harmful behaviour more severely.

o Merit System screen added to Profile page. This shows the Merit regulations, recent changes to the Merit score, and players’ current Merit and its repercussions.

Separate Matchmaking

The following players will be put under safety watch for a more thorough security inspection:

o Solo Classic Mode TPP only.

o Players will not earn money from matches, nor will they be featured in rankings.

In addition to not being able to utilise game features like spectating.

Feature Requests

  • Added a new report tool for matches.
  • Players may utilise the in-game pop-up box to report players who damage or eliminate them.

To report players who eliminated you, go to the Career Stats screen.

Game Interface Upgrades

Lobby screen upgrades

  • Added Cheer Park to Mode Selection.
  • Moved Brother in Arms to Team-up Lobby.
  • Added subscription to Purchases.
  • Improved monetized and activity event locations.
  • Improved the arrangement in the bottom right.

Actualités de l’E

  • Events moved to the Event Center!
  • Improved the visual performance of the Event Center screen!

PUBG Music

  • Merged Lobby BGM and Music Box. The Lobby BGM may now be changed!

o Converted the BGM to PUBG MOBILE MUSIC.

o PUBG MOBILE MUSIC music may be played in the main lobby.

IP Game Modes


  • From January 12th until February 14th, set the map to Erangel – Spider-ManTM.
  • From January 15 at 02:00 UTC to February 14 at 23:59 UTC, pick Classic Mode and set the map to Livik – Spider-ManTM.
  • Distinctive Gameplay

o Spider-Man has faced strange beasts in Erangel. Defeat the boss with Spider-Man to gain the new Web Shooter and Spiderweb Ball to test out Spider-talents. Man’s Open Spider Crates on Erangel for resources and a chance to earn Spider-Man goods.

Find Mylta Power and battle with Spider-Man!

The Web Shooter allows players to shoot spider webs. Spider webs delay down opponents.

This ball creates several spiderwebs in an area that slows other players passing through it.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update: Spider-Man Joins The Battle


Cycle 2 Season 4 (January 18, 02:00 – March 21, 23:59 UT)

  • New Season Awards: Legendary-quality rewards and a new collection of resources: CS24 Parachute, C2S4 – MK14, C2S4 Mask, C2S4 Cover.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen-themed narrative missions. Unlock special titles with Sukuna Fingers.
  • New Cycle Season Rewards Collect Diamond, Crown, and Ace Badges in the same Cycle to gain free materials.
  • – Matches provide more Challenge Points, which may be used to rank up quicker.
  • – Ranked Classic Mode now has team range limits. Players of all tiers may team up. Diamond and higher tier players may only team up with people 2 main levels below them.
  • – Added a point synchronisation mechanism that increases players’ rating points in other modes to match their highest tier mode.

Royale Pass –

Monthly Royale Pass: Royale Guard (January 18 – February 17)

  • Get your Desert Warrior Set! Available now for M16A4, DP28, UZI, and 2-Seat Motorcycles!
  • New system to help players: weekly point limits and additional assignments to fulfil.
  • Removed RP game time limitations and consolidated the points awarded for new challenge assignments.
  • Elite and buddy bonus mission awards do not count against the point cap.

Other Enhancements

  • Erangel HDR water surface material effects improved.

New Daily Mission screen and incentives.

  • Improved information display when picking up things
  • Improved audio marker accuracy on mini-map.
  • Simplified the conditions for placing a chicken meal statue after winning.
  • Added a throwable consumables toggle for players to use.

With just one consumable or throwable, the expand button is concealed.

  • Fixed an issue when teammates’ marks overlapped on the plane.
  • Added shortcut buttons for new features to rapidly access new options.
  • Improved settings screen interactions.
  • Improved pick-up screen and unique layout interface graphics.
  • Improved tab layout and names in settings.


problem in game

  • Fixed no footsteps while carrying a wounded player.
  • Fixed some weapon effect display problems.
  • Fixed a smoothing mistake for roads in Livik.
  • Metro Royale: Fixed Open Crate button not disappearing problem.

Metro Royale: Black Door Glitch Fix

  • In Metro Royale, corrected Talent not activating problem.

Issues involving lobbying

In certain cases, touching a Lucky Airdrop would not take you to the Purchase page.

  • The Settings page’s Voice volume may now be modified.

Viewing highlights and friend statuses might cause screen blackout.


  • Fixed problem with hiding the matchmaking information popup box.

Bug fix for Maid Set and Mutation Mask.

  • Fixed problem with Adore bubble emotes not appearing at Cheer Park.