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ReIgnite: An Ancient Magic Formula in a Modern Package for Significant Weight Loss!


Have you tried various ways to lose weight? Difficulty in losing weight is believed to be one of the signs of a slow metabolism. The cause can come from genetic factors, physical activity, to daily habits.

Metabolism is the process when the body converts nutrients from food and drink into energy. Some people have a fast metabolic rate, but some are slower. This difference can affect the condition of your body, including the matter of weight.

What are the causes of a slow metabolic rate and what are the effects on your weight? Here are some factors that can slow down your metabolic rate.

  1. Maybe you rarely do physical activity

Nutrients that you get from food will be processed into energy so that the body “can move.” If you rarely do physical activity, the body will burn less energy that enters so that the process of changing your internal energy can run more slowly. When you don’t exercise, your body stores more fat and your metabolism slows down. This is why people who eat a lot but rarely do physical activity tend to gain weight easily.

  1. Too little calorie intake

Maybe you’ve thought that by limiting food intake, you can lose weight. In fact, this habit actually makes the metabolism slower. The reason is, your body thinks that you are starving. A study showed that obese women who consumed 420 calories per day for 4-6 months actually experienced a decrease in metabolic rate. This condition even continued after they increased their calorie intake for five weeks later.

  1. Limited protein intake

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for maintaining body functions. Not a few people who lack protein because they limit their food during the diet, whereas protein can increase the rate of energy formation by 20-30 percent. Although a diet that restricts food can slow down your metabolism, a high protein intake can minimize this. Studies also show that protein provides a feeling of fullness that prevents the urge to overeat.

  1. Eating too many fatty foods

Fatty foods also seem to have a role in determining your metabolic rate. Fat is an important nutrient, but excessive consumption of fatty foods can actually cause a buildup of fatty tissue. At the same time, fat deposits slow down your metabolism because your body has a lot of energy reserves. Over time, fat tissue will increase and cause weight gain.

  1. Thyroid hormone

The hormone that functions to regulate the body’s metabolism is the thyroid hormone. Therefore, disruption of the production or work of thyroid hormone can increase or decrease the body’s metabolism. If a decrease in metabolism occurs, your weight could increase drastically.

There are still several other factors that influence such as pregnancy, stress levels, and excessive sugar consumption. But the next question is “What can you do to improve your metabolism quickly?”

You need ReIgnite!

This is a supplement that was born from the research of Chris Johnson, someone who used to have a wife with severe obesity problems after giving birth. His wife, Morgan, used to go through various therapies, take lots of pills, do vigorous exercise, limit food intake, and many more but she still failed until Chris found the root of the problem.

According to Chris, the root of the problem lies in the hypothalamus which stimulates the production of leptin. Leptin serves to send signals to the human brain when the body has excess fat. These signals are responsible for suppressing appetite. However, when leptin levels are too high in the bloodstream, the brain is unable to recognize the signals being emitted and as a result, it misrecognizes the situation. The brain will think that your body lacks fat and as a result, it will trigger you to add more fat intake than you should.

One day, on his work trip in Nepal, Chris experienced extreme fatigue that lasted for several days. Kiran, a colleague, served a cup of ancient herbal tea with the aim of boosting Chris’ energy. A few days after drinking the tea regularly, Chris found that he had lost a few pounds. Chris was curious and asked Kiran about the recipe for the tea. It turned out to be an ancient Himalayan Sherpa’s secret tea. Since that day Chris was determined to bring the tea to America but he was constrained about the raw materials. With the help of Emily, a friend of mine who works for a pharmaceutical company, Chris was able to obtain all the pure ingredients recommended for making this ancient Himalayan tea.

Chris didn’t stop at that point!

He then tried to approach Mr. Dwayne, a researcher. And the two of them started working together to bring the pure ingredients of Himalayan tea into capsule form. They named their capsule ReIgnite and here we go!

Here are some of the pure ingredients that ReIgnite contains:

– Kucha tea

This is a traditional Chinese tea which is rich in the compound methyl liberine and dynamine which is responsible for increasing metabolism through stimulating adrenaline production.

– Apple cider vinegar

This is an ancient tonic that contains malic acid. Malic acid serves to increase the conversion of fat into energy. Not only malic acid, apple cider vinegar also contains acetic acid which works by suppressing appetite.

– Pomegranate extract

This extract is known to function to prevent the buildup of waste in the organelles.

– Turmeric and ginger

Turmeric and ginger, if taken regularly, can increase the size of mitochondria and prevent mitochondria from being damaged.

– Gardenia

This extract can reduce insulin resistance.

– Black cumin

Black cumin extract serves to restore mitochondrial function.

– Chromium

Chromium can support muscle development without involving fat.

And other ingredients such as black pepper, orange extract, Fucoxanthin, Berberine, and many more. All of which are responsible for better energy conversion, thereby increasing the body’s metabolism to burn excess fat in the body.

How many bottles ar recommended?

If you’re serious regarding reclaiming your mitochondria, you ought to take the ingredients in light for a minimum of ninety days or higher however, 180 days. “This dose” can offer you a long-run answer.

It is extremely suggested to require three or vi bottles with every bottle which will last thirty days. sadly, nowadays is your Judgement Day to grab a reduction for each purchase of three to six bottles. therefore hurry up, it’s better!

How light works

This supplement works by burning mitochondrial fat. With the correct formula, a number of that return from recipes of thousands of years, this is often by no means a random product. light is that the solely supplement, a minimum of thus far, that targets the cellular energy crisis to combat excess fat in many areas of the body. you merely have to be compelled to take it once each day within the morning and you may see positive changes in but the primary month.

How is that this nice supplement delivered?

If you’re within the USA or Canada, you may receive your light arrange among five to seven business days. it’ll be shipped mistreatment UPS or FedEx. No have to be compelled to worry regarding shipping. Whereas if you’re outside the USA and Canada, the package can hit your direct eight to fifteen business days, looking on that country you’re in. Please note, the Covid-19 pandemic could have an impression on a small delay.

No hidden fees some

Your order could be a one-time purchase therefore no hidden fees or subscription fees ar charged when you receive the package. you merely obtain your package, nothing more!

What if light does not work on all?

First of all, you ought to grasp that we have a tendency to ar terribly assured that this supplement can work well on your body. however to provide you a way of security, we provide a 60-day 100 percent money-back guarantee if you do not expertise any positive effects when you’re taking light at the suggested dose. you’ll be able to merely apprise USA at [email protected] among sixty days of purchase and let our team handle your grievance and refund your cash. fully no risk to you!