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Robert Arvizu


Courtney Courtney (Burton) Arvizu had been married to parliamentarian Arvizu for barely 2 months once he dead her in a jealous rage.

The pair had been to a barbeque party earlier in the day where Arvizu, then 48, accused his 25-year-old wife in front of other guests of being overly flirty and being “lying cheating”.

They are alleged to have left the party separately, but both later went to Robert Arvizu’s apartment — with her preparing to get some possessions and her dog and travel to be with her mother.

She was smothered to death by Robert Arvizu after he punched her in the face.

When police arrived at the residence at 2 a.m. on May 24, 2015, to conduct a welfare check, they discovered her body on the living-room floor to conduct a welfare check. On suspicion of murder, Robert Arvizu was taken into custody at the residence.

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He was sentenced to 28 years in jail in August 2017 after being convicted of first-degree murder and assaulting the man he accused of flirting with her by breaking his nose.

He Was Also Sentenced To Time Served For A Second Assault Conviction.

Man From Newhall Is Due In Court For Murder Charges Related To Domestic Violence

For a Newhall man accused of killing his wife in their house, the trial will resume on Tuesday. Ensure that you don’t miss anything. KHTS Santa Clarita News Alerts are delivered to your inbox every time a new story breaks. Deputies from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station descended on Robert Arvizu’s home in Newhall in May of that year and took him into custody.

Prosecutors In Newhall, California, Have Charged A Man With The Murder Of His Wife.

It was revealed Friday that the suspect in the gruesome murder of his wife has entered a plea of not guilty in court. Don’t miss a single opportunity to learn and grow. Sign up to receive Santa Clarita news updates right to your email. Prosecutor Ricardo Santiago of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reported that 48-year-old Newhall resident Robert Arvizu has entered his plea to a murder charge. This time, a murder charge was thrown in for good measure

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Killer utters his thoughts.

“There is nothing I can say or do that can bring Courtney back,” Arvizu, handcuffed and seated next to his lawyer, said to the family and friends of the woman he killed.

Even though Arvizu didn’t go on, he hinted that he had more to teach them in the future, saying, “One day you will know.”

When they asked him about the night he killed Courtney, he said, “I honestly don’t recall that night.

A certain day will come when I can tell you what happened, he promised. On the (witness) stand, “there was a lot of fabrication.”

Arvizu remarked, at times, that he wished he had confided in someone.

“I should have talked about things back then, but I didn’t,” he added.

There is “no anger in me now” after two and a half years behind bars for Arvizu.

In the courtroom, the closest he came to apologising was when he told the judge, “I’m sorry for everything that’s happened in here.”He added, “My family is going through the same thing.”

When Arvizu’s cousin and aunt appeared in court, they described a man who was nothing like the “monster” that had been depicted in the media during the trial.

As Arvizu’s cousin put it, “happy” images of Robert Arvizu and his wife Courtney that she received on her phone the day of the assassination made it impossible for her to accept the killings.

This is what she said: “I have images of them being cheerful on that last day.” When I saw this picture of my cousin, I was stunned.

She stated, “It’s been difficult for us.” “We became friends with Courtney and fell in love with her.

During the trial, she apologized to Courtney’s family for their loss.

As Arvizu looked her over his shoulder, she said, “I love my cousin.”

She said, “He was not a monster.”

The court inquired about the cousin’s participation in the trial, and she said yes. She insisted that she had not, and I believe her.