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Roger Felstead


When she made her statement on Monday, Binky Felstead expressed her gratitude to her late father, who died away three years ago and whom she characterized as “a lovely guy,” and said he inspired her.

On her Instagram account, the Made in Chelsea actress, 28, shared a heartbreaking photo of her father, Roger, sleeping in an intensive care unit. Many people were brought to tears by the image. She is 28 years old at the time of this writing.

My father’s death will be commemorated on this day three years from now. After Binky brought up the images, which appeared to have been taken when he was on his death in the ICU, I agreed that he was most likely accurate in his assumptions. It occurred to me that he was almost certainly correct. “I’m sure you’re having a fantastic time up there,” I said, acknowledging that he was probably correct. My father’s death will be commemorated on this day three years from now.

To celebrate the first year of her father’s death, Binky shared a photo of herself as a youngster with her father, taken on the same date two years before, as well as a touching statement to remember the event. Binky’s father passed away on February 1, 2013.

According to the way things are going, Papa, it seems like you’re having a wonderful time up in the mountains. That it has already been a year since we were awarded our degrees is tough to comprehend at this point. That being said, I couldn’t be any more pleased with your daughter’s upbringing than I already am, and that’s saying a lot. Daily, I think about and miss you just a little bit more than I did the previous day. Daily, I think about you and miss you.” #superman #funnierthanfozziebear, #funnierthanfozziebear, “She used the hashtag as a description for a photo she shared to her Instagram account.

Apart from brief appearances with Binky, Roger was keen to keep out of the public eye when his daughter rose to notoriety on MIC in the 1990s, when she was known as Binky.

As a result of her presence on the program’s launch in 2011, she has gained international fame in addition to her mother, Jane, and older sister, Anna-Louise, who have both been on the show at various points during its run, with Jane acting as a series regular.

Therefore, Roger and Binky’s older brother Ollie has decided not to attend the performance. During Binky’s childhood, his parents, Roger and Jane, divorced. This happened earlier in his life when he was a youngster.

Her final appearance on the show was on MIC: Ibiza in 2016, during which she introduced some of the other cast members to her daughter, India, via video chat. Binky is no longer a cast member of the show, with her most recent appearance being on MIC: Ibiza in 2016. According to the producers, Binky hasn’t been on the show since that time.

In the course of her pregnancy with India, Binky revealed that she had been carrying a prized family heirloom from Jane’s late father, a precious piece of jewelry that had been given to her by her mother when she was pregnant with her first child, Binky. Jane had given the cherished piece of jewelry to Binky when she was pregnant with Binky, and Binky had become the proud owner of the heirloom.

During an emotional time for the pair, photographers caught a picture of the brunette’s glitter manicured hand, which was adorned with a magnificent diamond-studded bracelet, which photographers captured.

Binky’s long, delicate index finger was wrapped in this treasured piece of glitter and glam, which was made in a zig-zag design and worn wrapped around it.

On her Instagram account, which has more than 200,000 followers, she says, “This is the eternity ring my late father gave my mum when she was pregnant with me.”

After a long period of anticipation, I’ve been granted permission to see it. Every time I see it, I have a big smile since it brings back so many memories for me.