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Saundra Johnson


Charis (pronounced Kare’s) Consulting Group LLC was founded by Saundra Johnson Austin. Education and community transformation are the primary goals of this organization. When she isn’t helping people find jobs in the private sector or non-profit groups.

Saundra has published and presented papers at national conferences, Fortune 500 businesses, and government agencies around the country to advocate for the education of underrepresented minorities in engineering and the sciences. Additionally, she serves on multiple boards and is a member of numerous national, regional, and local organizations to improve education and leadership.

Selected Professions Fellowship by the American Association for University Women gave Saundra’s Executive MBA from the University of Notre Dame. As a Penn State Alumni Association member, she possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the university.

Saundra is a native of McKeesport, Pennsylvania. She enjoys serving as a reading tutor for children in the neighbourhood and mentoring youth. Her spouse is Rev. Clyde L. Austin, Jr. She is a stepmother to their two children, Joshua and Charity. It is the ability to design and implement paradigms that incorporate creative, proactive approaches to positively impact the scope of services firms provide that is the most effective area of influencers.

Extensive administrative experience in developing expert teams and supplying people for operations management

provision of financial management infrastructure, such as forecasting and budget creation,

integrated marketing, public relations, and concept development and image development for the community/media

management that is essential for the brand’s identity and the participation of participants.

Project Management — The ability to manage large-scale projects from conception to completion.

extensive networks of community support, as well as the creation of planning, program design, and infrastructure

Collaboration with firms, foundations, alumni, board members, internal infrastructures, and more are included.

The ability to build collaborative relationships with coworkers and specific target audiences to deal with them to improve their company’s educational and community environments.

Uses an established level of excellence to move public-private projects along in the public-private matrix

Communication, Planning, And Decision-Making.

Finding and cultivating relationships with potential donors is an essential part of fundraising.

They manage the program’s scope, budget, timeline, and resources; and collaborate with other stakeholders in quantity and quality.

Experience In The Workplace.

Limited liability company, Charis Consulting Group June 2007 – Present CEO and President of the Company

Academic institutions, non-profit groups, and government agencies have relied on our services since 2007.

businesses. To achieve our goal of enhancing educational and community outcomes, we must cultivate intellectual and human resources through a wide range of services, including

  • Research studies that help firms stay on top of the latest technological developments;
  • Technical assistance in the areas of infrastructure and institutional development;

Strong and professional leadership is required for projects requiring ongoing project management.

Presentations to a wide range of audiences, including, but not limited to, students and educators.

Santa Fe, New Mexico’s St. Michael’s High School From June 2008 through April 2010

The CEO and President of the Company

SMHS has a prepared college curriculum and aims to educate each student in a spirit of faith and excellence

Roman Catholic academic brilliance in the Lasallian tradition of the Christian Brothers. Founded

by St. John Baptist de LaSalle in 1859, 150 years of practice and history were commemorated in 2009. Seven hundred sixty-four co-ed students were enrolled in the school.

There are 81 full- and part-time instructors and staff, a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:22, and a $6,525 annual tuition fee.

Visionary and spokesperson for the school. Fiscal management, instructional programs, and other duties

property management, annual goals and objectives, long-term strategic planning, and fundraising and development faculty and staff education and training To name only a few,

As a result of adopting Ends, the Collaborative Communication Model was developed and deployed.

Under the watchful eye of policymakers. Committees were formed to deal with Lasallianism, academics, finances, and other issues.

Non-school property and web site are also included in this category. Members of the committee are included.

All university community members, from students to faculty to staff to parents to alumni.

To preserve and perpetuate the school’s rich history and culture, the school educated a diverse student body graduates from prestigious universities and colleges. Enter to Learn, and leave with a Purpose to Serve.”




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