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Screwflx Mark Goddard-Watts: Who is He?


Despite receiving £7million when they separated six years ago, Screwfix millionaire’s ex-wife wants a larger share of his income.

It has been more than six years since James Goddard And Julia Goddard-Watts broke up.

However, he is currently under investigation for allegedly lying about his genuine net worth while divorcing his wife.

High Court Judge is analyzing evidence in a private hearing at London’s High Court.

B&Q owner Kingfisher purchased Screwfix from the Goddard-Watts family for £60 million. It’s a heated court struggle between a billionaire businessman and his ex-wife, who created Screwfix hardware supplier.

As part of their 2010 divorce settlement, Mr. Goddard-Watts agreed to pay his ex-wife £3.25 million in cash and a lump payment of £4 million for their £3 million home in Cheltenham. However, she accused him only a few weeks ago of cheating her & their three boys by concealing his actual wealth.

According to The Sunday Times, a judge referred to Mr. Goddard-Watts as “evasive and misleading” during the trial.

A confidential hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London is currently taking place, and a judge is presently analyzing the evidence.

One of a growing number of judges has been asked to make a decision. The trial is scheduled to continue many days, and he is re-examining rival claims.

The Woodscrew Supply Company grew to include two other enterprises in the following years.

Screwfix Direct was formed in 1993 when the two companies merged under Screwfix Direct after gaining a reputation for delivering high-quality products.

Screwfix was sold to B&Q owner Kingfisher in 1999 for £60 million, and Toolstation was sold to Travis Perkins 12 years later.

As a result of Travis Perkins’ purchase of 30 percent of the company in 2008, it later purchased the remaining 70 percent for a total of £24 million in 2012.

Several people have paid tribute to Jon Goddard-Watts, the former Screwfix managing director and Yeovil Town FC owner, who has passed away at the age of 90.

On February 23, Mr. Goddard-Watts passed away. He played a crucial role in growing Yeovil-based Screwfix from a small business to a multi-million-pound enterprise in the 1990s.

A member of Yeovil Town FC’s board of directors, he helped the club secure its first-ever promotion to the Football League in 2003, following which he was made an honorary citizen of Yeovil.

Despite resigning from the Huish Park board in 2005, Mr. Goddard-Watts refused to repay the $1 million loan he had given to the club.” All at Yeovil Town Football Club are deeply saddened to discover that Mr. Jon Goddard-Watts had died away,” a representative for the club stated in a statement.

When Mr. Goddard-Watts became the club’s owner in 2003, he profoundly affected the club’s fortunes.

Everyone at the club extends their sincere sympathies to Jon’s loved ones and salutes the enormous contribution he made to our organisation.”There appears to be a never-ending battle for supremacy between two of the most popular UK modern DIY stores, tool station, and Screwfix.

The same giant corporation doesn’t own Toolstation and Screwfix, are they? Why not have a look?

Two separate but related corporations own Toolstation and Screwfix. Screwfix, the bigger of the two companies, is a subsidiary of Kingfisher PLC, which famously owns B&Q.

Meanwhile, Toolstation is owned by Travis Perkins PLC. While known for its substantial green builder’s yards, Travis Perkins also owns a few other connected enterprises, the most notable of which being Wickes.

As it seems to be with all huge companies these days, most of our well-known brands are interwoven.