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Seema Chishti Wiki — Seema Chishti is an author and journalist who is based in Delhi. He has worked in radio, print and television English as well as Hindi since the year 1990. The most recent was as the Delhi editor at BBC India and deputy editor at the Indian Express. He is co-author of Note by Note: The India Story (1947-2017), that chronicles the development of the independent India through the sounds of Hindi film music every year. The book helps in explaining the myriad stories of the changing landscape of the country that is vast and diverse.

Seema Chishti Biography, Son, Family Details

Seema Chishti works as a journalist and the writer of well-known news outlets such as The India Cable, Pop Found India and many more. Additionally, she’s the spouse of CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury. Recently, Sitaram’s elder son Ashish Yechury passed away from Kovid-19. This article will you will find all the details on Seema Chishti’s Wikipedia including biography age, husband’s age net worth, and much more.

Seema Chishti is a journalist and author of a number of renowned news magazines. The couple is CPI-M the leader Sitaram Yechury. Recently, his son Ashish Yechury passed away on the 22nd of April 2021, from Kovid-19. He is constantly present on Twitter and is always writing about the latest subjects. He has a large number of people following his account on Twitter.

About Seema Chishti Linkedin Profile Journalist Writer

About Seema Chishti
Real Name Seema Chishti Yechury
Nick Name Seema
Gender Female
DOB Aug 12, 1952
Profession News Editor, Journalist
Education Not Updated Yet
Husband Name Sitaram Yechury
Date of Birth Not Known
Age _ Years
Birth Place Delhi
Son Name Ashish Yechury
Daughter Name Not Known Yet
University NA
Links of Social Accounts

Seema Chishti Bio Husband Name

The CPI-M’s leader Sitaram Yechury and Seema’s elder son Ashish Yechury died on 22 April 2021 in Kovid-19. Seema Chishti’s father’s name as well as her mother’s name aren’t yet available. Seema is always careful to keep her private life off social media, and so her spouse’s name hasn’t been updated in any way yet. The name of her father and mother’s name aren’t updated as of yet. Our website Current Bollywood Seema Chishti provides the complete information on Wikipedia Age, biography, age pay, salary, and much more.

Seema Chishti Wiki — Seema got married to CPI M the leader Sitaram Yechury. The name of the elder son is Ashish who passed away on April 22, 2021, due to the Covid-19. We have provided complete details about Seema Chishti Wiki, which is accessible online, including Seema Chishti Wiki Seema Chishti’s Biography, Seema Chishti Parents, Seema Chishti husband, Seema Chishti Profile, Seema Chishti Linkedin, Seema Chishti BBC, Seema Chishti Journalist Writer Seema Chishti Age, who are Seema Chishti?

Who is Seema Chishti?

Sitaram Yechury, husband to Seema Chishti. Her birth date was August 12 1952. Alias Shrimati Seema Chishti Yechury. Here, you’ll be able to find Seema Chishti’s writings contact details Twitter username, email address and much more up-to-date information along with complete older Data. Seema Chishti, a writer at The Indian Express. She writes about politics, is fascinated by change and issues with identity in India. The report revealed that the Israeli spyware Pegasus employed by the government in the last year, which was able to use the messenger WhatsApp to monitor human rights activists and journalists in India.

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