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Selling a used car: 5 tips to earn more

Selling a used car: 5 tips to earn more


Where, how, and to whom to sell used cars: here are 5 useful tips to help you sell cars to individuals or professionals and earn more!

Selling the used car as an exchange, and replacing it with another car, new or used, is always the easiest way. But if you want to sell a valuable used car or without replacing it, it is more important to know how to earn more from the sale. In this guide, among the many on buying a used car, we will focus on 5 tips to make the most of the sale of a private used car and earn more.

  1. Where and to whom to sell the used car

The first question that almost always arises is where to sell the used car? Today the web is certainly the most-used channel by both professionals and individuals. Here, this is a fundamental difference: try to understand if the potential buyers who will present themselves are private or professional. With the sale between private individuals, it is usually easier to conclude at the set initial price. As the pros go on a bargain hunt, then know that they are trained and prepared to bargain on the selling price. They often do this by scanning maintenance documents or highlighting existing defects on the car (aspects that smart sellers generally try to hide). For this reason, the strategy can also be adopted in reverse, when buying a car from a professional.

  1. At what price to sell a used car

To sell a used car at the right price, it is essential to know the value of a used car and what the average market price is. Know that emotions in car buying weigh a lot (businessmen know how to recognize them and exploit them to their advantage), but they have no economic value. Selling a car you are fond of is much more difficult, because you risk not making an objective evaluation of the car to sell. If you are really undecided or believe that the car has a particular value, the market itself will prove you right. Just choose the highest bidder, if they wait to find it doesn’t scare you. But beware of scams, especially online, with the sale of used cars. This is probably the same as when you have to choose the best online casino, you have to be careful!

  1. Used car for sale: Repair on discount

Repairing a car for sale is something no one would ever think of doing. But between two identical cars, would you ever buy the one with the opaque headlights, a missing wheel cover, and a few scratches here and there? Evidently not. Understanding whether it is worthwhile to repair a used car for sale depends on its market value and the cost to get it back on track. If fixing the car makes you spend more than the depreciation-discount margin to be recognized, then selling to a professional may make more sense.

  1. The value of maintenance on a used car

Regular car maintenance testifies to caring for the vehicle. Faced with a demonstrable pedigree, no one will be able to blink, and attempts to lower the price will go out like fires in the pan. This is why it is always important to have a receipt issued for each service or extraordinary repair and to keep it in a folder reserved for the car.

  1. Car wash, the last is the most important

Prepare the used car for sale so that it shows its real value, not covered by dust and dirt, both inside and out. The same logic applies to repairs, a clean and shiny car always sells before a dirty one (professionals don’t have the stench under their nose if they want to buy a car). Check the interior for stains on the panels and seats and have them removed by putting order and cleanliness in the trunk as well. It is almost certain that thorough washing of the carpet will be evaluated by the potential buyer better than the inevitable scratches and signs of wear on the internal handles.

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