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Sharelle Rosado Wiki, Biography, Career, Net Worth, And More


Sharelle Rosado is a career entrepreneur, social media influencer, licensed real estate agent and broker, and social media influencer. As a real estate broker for Allure Reality, she is an army veteran and a member of the armed forces. As the owner and CEO of Allure Reality, she describes herself as a businesswoman. A member of the cast of the upcoming “Selling Tampa Season 1′′ reality show on Netflix, she will appear in the show as a member of the cast.

There was a lot of information about Sharelle Rosado’s parents here that was important for you. It is important to know who the parents of Sharelle Rosado are. In terms of Sharelle Rosado’s ethnicity, what can be said about her?

Season 1 of Selling Tampa with Sharelle Rosado

This episode is a part of the Allure Reality Of Selling Tampa Season 1 show, and Sharelle is a cast member, serving as owner and CEO of the production company.

Parents of Sharelle Rosado (Father, Mother)

There is no information about the name of Sharelle Rosado’s parents on the internet. There is a businessman in her family, and a housewife, while her father is a businessman. Her brother’s name is Dennis Rosado, and she also has an older sister.

This blog has a lot of information about Sharelle Rosado (Selling Tampa). You will find her parents, his ethnicity, wiki, her wiki-biography, her age, his marriage, his children, her career, her net worth, and much more.

Ethnicity and nationality of Sharelle Rosado

There is a mix of ethnicities among Sharelle Rosado’s family members. Sharelle Rosado holds American nationality.

Wiki, biography, and wiki of Sharelle Rosado

In October 1987, Sharelle was born. Columbus, Georgia, is the place where she was born. Sharelle Rosado is the full name of the woman. She completed her schooling and studies at one of Columbus’s high schools.

She graduated from The University of Maryland Global Campus with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2015, after earning her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Age and biography of Sharelle Rosado

It is estimated that Sharelle will reach the age of 34 in 2021. She has the zodiac sign of Libra as her astrological sign. It is her religion that she follows, which is Christianity. In the United States of America, she lives in Tampa, in the state of Florida.

Sharelle Rosado

Husband and children of Sharelle Rosado

An engagement has been announced for Sharelle Rosado. Her fiance is a retired NFL player named Chad Johnson, more commonly known as Ochocinco. 30 January 2021 was the day they got engaged. In addition to Cincinnati Bengals, Montreal Alouettes, and New England Patriots, her fiance was a wide receiver for his NFL teams.

A third child is expected to be born to her and Chad shortly. Denim is the name of her one child. There are eight children in the family of Chad Johnson. A previous relationship between Chad and Evelyn Lozada existed.

Height and weight of Sharelle Rosado

According to Sharelle Rosado’s height and weight, she stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 68 kilograms.

Sharelle Rosado’s career

In her previous role, Sharelle served as an executive administrative assistant for the US Army in Fayetteville, North Carolina, from May 2007 to September 2013.

US Army Human Resources in Tampa/St. Petersburg hired her in October 2013. The area around St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rosado worked at Remax Bayside in Apollo Beach, Florida, from March to April 2017.

A real estate broker at Allure Realty in Tampa/St. Petersburg since April 2017, she currently works as a broker for Allure Realty. A region of Florida that includes St. Petersburg.

The net worth of Sharelle Rosado

She has a net worth in the millions, but it is unclear how much she is worth.

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Sharelle Rosado’s FAQ

Q.1 Could you tell me something about Sharelle Rosado?

Ans. Allure Reality is a real estate brokerage company owned by a veteran and a real estate broker.

Q.2 Can you tell me about Sharelle Rosado’s parents?

Ans. There is no mention of Sharelle Rosado’s parents online.

Q.3 Does Sharelle Rosado have a fiancé?

Ans. In addition to Sharelle Rosado, Chad Johnson is the name of Sharelle Rosado’s fiance.

Q.4 How would you describe Sharelle Rosado’s ethnicity?

Ans. Heather is a mixed-race person with mixed ethnicity.