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How SSD Web Hosting Can Improve Customers’ Experience in 2022


SSD Web Hosting technologies have recently entered the life of IT specialists, and not only them. Various types of users, from individuals to companies, have already been using all the advantages SSD Cpanel hosting can provide. But what are they and how can you benefit from it? Let’s take a look below.

What Is SSD?

First things first, let’s figure out what the SSD web hosting stands for: SSD, known as Solid State Disk is a device allowing you to develop the maximum speed of downloading information. One might think that it is the same as a standard Hard Drive Disk, or simply HDD, but there is a significant difference between those devices. A conventional hard drive writes and reads data using a rotating magnetic disk. To remember the data, you need to magnetize and demagnetize the cells. It takes a lot of time and will eventually lead to the depreciation of the HDD. Fortunately, there are SSD drives that work with flash memory, which is much faster, and thanks to the absence of magnetic cells, they won’t break after 8-10 years of everyday usage.

Features Of The SSD Drive

Foremost, the new disk type differs from the conventional Hard Drive Disk, in high speed, resistance to mechanical damage, and lower power consumption. Initially, the cost of such drives used to be sky-high, and, accordingly, the price for such hosting was not affordable for every single customer.

 SSD Web Hosting

However, since SSD is no longer considered to be “wow!” technology and millions of users are using them, the prices for regular hosting and SSD web hosting have leveled off. Should we even mention how popular that device is? The disks mentioned above use little power and are virtually silent. That is why they are widespread not only for high-performance servers but also for ordinary laptops.

Benefits Of The New Disk Type For Your Websites

To this extent, it is important to consider the numerous advantages that SSD web hosting has:

  • due to a new type of microcircuit, the option of a physical disk failure is excluded. That is why the degree of hosting reliability is increased. You won`t have to worry about disk failure and unexpected blockage of your online resource;
  • high data transfer speed (writing speed is about 4-5 times faster and reading speed is 5-6 times faster than HDD);
  • the much longer service life of drives and low accident rate;
  • high fault tolerance. Even under high load, your site still works stably.

SSD capacity

The option is individual and depends on your requirements. Firstly, you need to think over the reasons why you are buying an SSD web hosting drive and what are your main functions. Let’s have a look at the options:

  • 60 – 64 GB – the best choice for Windows loading, working in office programs, and improving system response in solving daily tasks;
  • 120 – 128 GB – a great option to speed up the process of video editing, and work in graphic editors;
  • 240 – 256 GB – it’s perfect for installation on gaming computers with modern games.

It is better to purchase an SSD web hosting drive with a margin of capacity, not back-to-back. Buyers often lack the selected volume, so it is highly recommended to think about some extra storage.

Obtaining a fast and comfy website is an essential benefit over competitors. This type of hosting is suitable for all sites that need speed, high performance, and stability. The advantages mentioned above will be appreciated by the owners of online stores and all customer-oriented companies.

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