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Sticking At The Amazon Logo On The Amazon Firestick


Some people are enthusiastic about the Amazon Fire Stick, while others have expressed concerns about it. One of the most often encountered problems is that the firestick becomes firestick stuck on the amazon logo, but there may be a remedy available.

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Amazon’s Logo Is Stuck On The Fire Stick

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The Amazon Fire Stick has been reported to be stuck just on the Amazon logo for several users in various instances.

It is possible that being unable to access or use your device would be a severe inconvenience. However, there is a permanent solution to this issue, and we will tell you how to do it right now.

What’s The Problem With Your Fire Stick?

Your Fire Stick can get trapped on the Kindle logo screen for several reasons.

For example, it’s possible that your device’s delayed starting is caused by a recent update or an issue with the power supply.

Using a different power adapter than the one that came with your computer increases your chances of experiencing power supply difficulties. The overheating of the device might potentially be a contributing element to this problem.

If you believe that a faulty update or personal settings are to blame, you may need to restore your device to its factory settings to resolve the problem.

As a result of your discovery of the underlying causes, let’s see what we’re doing to correct the problem.

To begin, switch on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Continue to wait until the Amazon logo appears on the screen.

You should ideally leave your device alone for at least one hour before performing any further action on it.

  1. A Clock Fire Stick Glued On Amazon’s Logo

It’s time to see if the problem remains after a few days of inactivity has passed.

For a few users, this strategy worked, and it appears that the Fire Stick got stuck on an update when the technique was used; however, after a few hours of waiting, the issue was fixed for everyone.

  1. Verify The Power Supply

It is necessary to inspect the power supply cable.

Power cords from other sources do not supply the necessary voltage; only the one provided by Amazon does so.

Several users have claimed that replacing their cable with just an official Amazon cable resolved the problem, so be sure to do so.

  1. Verify that your HDMI port is working properly

Connecting your Kindle Fire to your television requires the use of a second HDMI connector.

Check to check whether it is still operational.

If you’re using HDMI hubs or splitters, you should unplug them and connect directly to the TV if you’re not already.

Remove anyone else HDMI devices to see if that makes a difference.

For Optimal Performance, Use A High-Speed HDMI Cable

  • The Amazon logo appears whenever the Fire Stick’s HDMI connection is used.
  • HDCP-compliant TVs are required.
  • As an option, you can always change channels.
  • Check for any symptoms of overheating on the Fire Stick.
  • Make sure the Fire Stick is disconnected from your television and power supply.
  • Then reconnect it after a 30-minute break.
  • Connect and observe whether the problem is still there after reconnecting
  • To return the Kindle Fire to its original settings, the final step is to perform a factory reset.
  • Your remote’s Right or Back buttons may be held down at that point.
  • The Fire Stick’s remote control has an Amazon logo taped on it.
  • Maintain the pressure for at least 10 seconds.
  • It’s simple to perform a factory reset: simply follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


If you’ve attempted all of these solutions but are still stuck on the screen with the Amazon logo, there’s a significant probability that your Kindle Fire is the source of the issue. The most effective remedy in this situation is to eliminate the stick.