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Summit1Girlfriend G’S – Lilchipmunk’s Unknown Facts


Every day, League of Legends player Lilchiipmunk goes live on the Twitch streaming network. In addition to her reputation as a Twitch Livestream, she is also known as Summit1girlfriend. g’s

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Childhood And Family Members

Lilchiipmunk is Caroline’s gaming identity, although she goes by her true name. Her horoscope sign is Sagittarius, and she is a citizen of Canada, having been born on November 28th, 1993, in Toronto, Ontario.

As a youngster, her mother was from Romania, her father from Vietnam, and she is competent in Hebrew and English. She was born and reared in Toronto, where she now resides. In addition to her elder twin sisters, Caroline has two younger sisters who are still in high school.

After graduating from Toronto’s local high school in 2011, Caroline pursued her desire of becoming a full-time gamer by launching her own YouTube channel and pursuing a career as a professional gamer.


On December 13, 2011, Lilchiipmunk created her YouTube channel, where she aired highlights from her League of Legends broadcasts. With over 200,000 views on her YouTube videos, she is now solely focused on her Twitch performances.

She was also a fan of H1Z1 and other zombie survival games like that. League of Legends, her all-time favourite game, helped her achieve the coveted Diamond League. Her participation in the AKA GG hardcore gaming squad is now official.

She participates in several gaming competitions with her pals Faellu, LocoDoco, Heisendong, and Areios, as well as in cosplay events and gamescons as an entertainer. A member of the team since 2014, Lilchiipmunk was joined to the Twitch network in 2015. In League of Legends, she usually represents Katarina.

Controversy And Public Criticism Are Prevalent

Summit1G girlfriend G'S – Lilchiipmunk Unknown Facts

It’s no secret that Lilchiipmunk loves to stream in tiny costumes that make her thighs conspicuously visible, and she’s well-known for doing so while wearing skimpy stockings. Since the dawn of time, the gaming community has had a hard time coping with those female streamers who abuse a game to gain views, but don’t truly play the game themselves.


Lilchiipmunk, another ‘booby streamer,’ has been reported multiple times for streaming while showing intimate sections of her body, and she was even banned from YouTube streams for her obscene dancing.

Many of her admirers claim that she has no gaming abilities whatsoever and has only made it to the Diamond League as a consequence of the strong support she gets from her teammates during fight. Her character in League of Legend also has a couple of donors who help her purchase the in-game equipment she needs to succeed in the game, which is one of those games known as Pay-to-Win.

Boyfriend And Personal Life Summit1g

In 2015, Summit1g – Jaryd Lazar – started dating Lilchiipmunk, her YouTube and Twitch buddy. There were barely a few mutual photographs of the two of them on social media networks, but she followed him on Counter Strike contests.

Lilchiipmunk announced in a broadcast in January 2018 that she was pregnant, however there were no further updates, so the public felt it was a fraud. Subway is a preferred fast food restaurant for the duo, who adore eating out at other tiny pizza places.

Previously, Jaryd was married to Desirae Lazar, a fellow Twitch broadcaster, but they parted in 2015.

Who Is Summit1g, And What Does It Stand For?

Summit1G girlfriend G'S – Lilchiipmunk Unknown Facts

“Summit1G” Jaryd He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 23, 1987; he is of Hungarian origin. Jaryd’s gaming and broadcasting career started in 2012, and his YouTube channel was founded in 2013.

In his early days, he participated professionally in Counter Strike events and tournaments. After qualifying for the top five players at Clutch Con 2015, he went on to participate in the Alienware Area 51 Cup and the CEVO Season 9 Professional North America – Qualifier #3 in 2016.

On the other side, his most successful year was 2017, when he made it to the qualifier of DreamHack Valencia, competing as a member of the Mythic team. When it comes to professional gaming teams, he’s worked with Splyce, Ze Pug Godz, SubtLE, and many more.

Jaryd announced his retirement from professional competitive gaming in 2018 in order to dedicate himself exclusively to his streaming company. More than 3.3 million people follow his Twitch channel, making it one of the most popular. Razer, Monster Energy, and Corsair are just a handful of the businesses that back him.

Favorite activities, as well as intriguing tidbits\sanime and comics, which Lilchiipmunk is a major admirer of

She likes dressing up as various anime characters, such as Sailor Moon, in cosplay clothes.

Harley Quinn is her all-time fave comic book character.

She likes playing arcade games.

Sephora is her go-to store for makeup.

Appearance, Fashion Sense, And Personal Style

As Katarina in League of Legends, Lilchiipmunk had long blonde hair that she dyed red before turning back to platinum blonde. Her eyes are a shade of grey. Lilchiipmunk stands at 5’3″ (1.60m) and weighs roughly 119 pounds (54kgs) (54kgs).

When questioned about her own style, she responded that she loved short dresses and short skirts, and that she only wore jeans when she and her buddies went out to ride a bull. Fancy stockings and stilettos are her favourite accessories. As for her nails, she loves to keep them long and shiny.

Salary And Net Worth

Caroline has a net worth of $200,000 as of 2019, obtained via her gaming channel, Lilchiipmunk, across numerous streaming platforms. Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, her long-term boyfriend, has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million, with more than three million followers on his popular Twitch channel.