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The 24 Best Road Trip Games for Couples in 2022


When you wish to spend some quality time with certain people, Road Trip Games For Couples are a fun and exciting activity to pursue. I feel like that can renew passports without expensive plane tickets. You can hit the road if you have a working car. There is nothing better than going on a road trip with your family, friends, or even your spouse to bond.

Road trips are absolutely a thing couples enjoy, so it is no surprise that they are long and romantic. Unfortunately, because they excite the trip too much, they often get unnecessary dopamine highs. The trip is rather underwhelming because they excite it to high heaven.

It’s easy to get bored, frustrated, angry, agitated, or many other emotions when simulated road trips don’t work out. Even if you’ve learned to cope, boredom is bound to strike sooner rather than later when you’re on a long road trip.

I mean, unless you intend to be on the road for hours. Games are a great alternative, especially cards and verbal games. You will inevitably get bored driving, so board games are the perfect break. These 24 awesome board games are perfect for enjoying your road trip with your significant other to its fullest.

Here are the 24 coolest road trip games for couples:

1. The bingo game

Often, the woman is left to get bored if the man is driving. Car bingo solves this problem. The game is similar to Swallow, except you play with objects, specific scenarios, or car brands instead of numbers.

You may want to tick off things as you see them as you travel along the way. This will ensure that the person not driving can tick them off as they arrive along the way. The competition isn’t elite, but it’s okay to have some small talk.

2. Telling stories

Perhaps more of a sharing experience game rather than a game. The game is perfect for those who want to learn about one another while eliminating boredom.

Having your partner tell you stories about specific genres is a really fun way to turn it into a game, like embarrassing stories, childhood stories, etc. This could keep you both entertained for hours while learning about each other.

3. odd Colors

Couples could play this game to fight boredom while traveling. You can also catch your partner cheating on a technicality, making for some spicy conversations.

It’s a simple game. In advance, you write down some odd colors of cars you intend to see, and on the trip, you tick off the number of those colors you see.

4. Here are ten questions

Couples who have just gotten together will enjoy this game. Additionally, you can spark interesting conversations by getting to know them.

Rather than asking ten questions, it’s a guessing game. Movies or celebrities might come to mind. Identify your partner’s thoughts with only ten questions.

The 26 Best Road Trip Games for Couples in 2022Game is more fun when you drive. Your partner states the “fact.” Start a conversation with your partner about this game.

5. Unluckily

A truly excellent movie, “Just stick with it.” Based on that movie, we made this game. Each person says, “Unfortunately, I forgot to pack snacks,” and the other responds with the same “unfortunately.” Be sure to respond in a manner that is relevant to your partner.

6. A map of

The game is often played during road trips, especially. I’d rather do this than sleep. During this game, one player names a country, and the other must name another country that begins with the same letter as the previous country. Yemenis, Peruvians, Uruguayans. The game also allows the use of objects.

7. The spy is on me 

This game cannot be avoided. There are millions of people who know and love this game. Your partner must guess what you see on the road before it passes, saying, “I spy with a little eye.”. Points can be awarded

8. Talking about songs

You can play this game with your partner if you love songs and understand the lyrics. It’s also convenient to brush up on song lyrics if you only converse with your partner using lyrics.

9. Decoding plates

While you and your partner are on a very long trip, you can play this game to keep your mind engaged and have fun. A license plate may read AHIP 561, which could be interpreted as “Atheist hippie impregnates pigs” with five months to live.

10. Connecting lyrics

Songs are the basis for this game. Knowing what your partner likes and listening to is incredibly entertaining and amusing.

Having sung a song to the level of your abilities, your partner must perform another, starting with the letter or sound on which the previous song ended. If you want to change things up, have the second person sing a song with similar sentiments.

11. The alphabet

The other person encoded words into clues that you need to find. Encryption can be done with billboards, license plates, signs, etc.

12. The compliment

This is an amazing game if you want to find creative ways to compliment your partner. Complements must be arranged alphabetically.

 Road Trip Games for Couples

13. I love my ass

The only requirement is that you’re up for it. It follows an alphabetical order and isn’t dirty. You tell your partner how big your ass is, then he adds a word beginning with A and a word beginning with B.

14. Kill, kiss, and marry.

Classics are also helpful for finding out your partner’s standards. You each name three celebrities; one is chosen first. You can name three females for your boyfriend and vice versa. After that, your partner must choose between kissing, marrying, or killing, without repeating either.

15. Naming game

In this game, people’s names replace those in Atlas. The game can be altered in various ways, for example, by naming only football players, celebrities, or the names of generic men or women. You each name someone, and then you must name someone starting with the last letter of the previous name—for example, Donald Trump and Norm Macdonald.

16. Who is it?

Again, a simple game that requires you to ask your partner questions to figure out who they are thinking of. Names are chosen by you, followed by your partner asking a series of questions (you can set a limit). Various variations of this game are available, like movie names and game names.

17.  A lie and two truths

Especially popular with couples, this game is a classic. In this game, you tell your partner three statements as facts, with two being truths and one lying, and then they must guess which statement is false. Your partner will learn a lot about you through this game.

18. Which would you prefer?

The skeleton remains the same, despite tons of variations. You can ask anything you want. You cannot agree on everything in the game, so it sparks conversation.

19. How do you feel about this?

What’s easier? Play “would you rather?”This game involves choosing between simple things like food brands, car brands, etc. You can play the game in different ways.

20. Let’s get it done

One of you would start a random sentence that can be completely separated from your personal life or included according to your preference. Once you begin a sentence, the other person can add whatever they wish to it. The sentence should make sense and be relevant.

21. Never have I ever

Another classic game mostly played by people who like each other. There’s a reasonable chance you drank the drink because you did something you shouldn’t have. If someone does what was mentioned, you can add your version.

22. A trivia question

The game’s objective is to correctly guess a famous person from a few random facts about them. I can spice up the list by adding many other people.

23. What song is it?

Play a song snippet, and the other player guesses the song’s name from the snippet. You’ll need an instrumental phone to play this.

24. Don’t answer

This is a fun game where you can converse extensively with your partner. You ask a question, and they respond with another question. A yes or a no answer or failure to articulate another relevant question will cost you.


These 24 road trip games with your significant other are amazing, engaging, and fun. Most of these games are just random road trip games that anyone can play.

There are many more games out there that are as engaging and entertaining as these. Getting to know your partner better will be a breeze thanks to these games allowing you to dive deeper into their personal lives. To keep yourself entertained during long road trips, play fun, interactive games with your partner, like in an escape room or mystery room.