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The Changing Trends: What Customers Expect from Your Customer Service Team


Customer service trends are constantly changing and you, as a brand, have to constantly keep up with them. Meeting these customers’ expectations will allow you to gain loyal customers as well as increase your sales and revenues.

If you are interested in learning strategies for building your brand’s image by fulfilling customers’ expectations, the following is a list of things you can focus on.

24/7 Service

Nowadays, customer service is best performed 24/7. Customers, who have subscribed to Xfinity Internet service, are satisfied with the Xfinity customer service and that is due to their around-the-clock and quick responsiveness. This works out for Xfinity towards building its brand image. Meeting customers’ needs and expectations reflects positively on the brand.

Omnichannel Service. Your customers only see a brand, not a whole customer service department. They don’t understand why your customer service agent cannot remember a live chat conversation they had with him the previous day, or just hours ago.

To deal with this, your brand should apply omnichannel customer service. This means that conversations with customers get saved in the system and other customer service agents can read through them to understand the customers who keep coming back. Hence, for customers, it will be like they are continuing the conversation with your brand from where they left off.

Instant Gratification. The fast growth of the internet and social media platforms has provided us with an instant feed of information, updates, breaking news, and messages. Anyone can post on social media and get immediate responses and feedback. Nearly more than half of the world’s population use social media and they spend most of their day online.

Hence, as a result of this, customers now expect brands to respond to their queries as soon as possible.

Public Engagement. Everything on social media platforms is public. Any comments or posts you make; the whole world of internet users can see it. When your customers post on their social media platforms, they expect your brand to engage with them.

Learning from other social media influencers, your customers have found it much easier to share their thoughts and gather a large following on their social media platforms. Some customers even have a following larger than the brand they are following.

Customer Service Team

This has created a dilemma for many brands and businesses. Now they have to deal with a follower that has their own large following. One bad job with a customer could lead to a PR disaster for the brand. Hence, this has allowed customers to feel more empowered.

Whether it is a direct complaint or just a mention, customers expect your brand to be listening. Hence, your customer service teams need to remain online and continuously scout the web for any mention of your brand and respond accordingly.

Self-Service Infrastructure. Before reaching out to your brand, the customers check out the FAQ pages on your website or social media platforms. Because they are willing to try and solve the problems by themselves. This doesn’t mean that they no longer want to talk to your customer service team about any queries regarding your products or services.

It does mean that if you imply clever use of self-service tactics, it will save time and effort for your customer service team.

Mobile-Friendly Experience. We use our mobile phones for everything. From waking up in the morning to alarms ringing, checking emails from work, Googling our way through traffic to coming back home to relax while browsing through online shopping, mobile phones have become a major part of our lives. Mobile phones also allow us to connect with people and brands.

Hence, all aspects of your brand’s customer experience should be mobile-friendly now i.e. the website, customer service communication, etc. This type of service is no longer considered a luxury, but rather a necessity.

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Bottom Line: End Communication Gap to Meet Customers’ Needs

The changes in technology and customers’ preference can seem like challenges for any brand to keep up with. But they can also be considered as opportunities for it to grow and build its brand image. The expectations that customers have towards the brand may seem too much in comparison to prior times, but if your brand has the right technology and means, there is no reason why your brand cannot meet those expectations.

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