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The five most compelling reasons to use Skyscanner for flights in 2020


Here is a complete Skyscanner review and why you should use it. Some websites are better than others; cheaper options are offered and come with more useful features. There are many travel booking sites, but some are better. Even so, booking a flight can sometimes seem interminable due to the multitude of travel agents and aggregators (OTPs). According to industry reports, travelers consider 38 travel booking sites before making a reservation. Only one flight requires so many websites!

While we think searching can be worthwhile, sometimes turning to one or two trusted sites can be more efficient and easier. The Skyscanner website is our go-to website when booking flights. Rather than selling flights directly, the company aggregates them from around the world to offer one search. It’s easy to use and has a stylish design, which is why we like it. In this Skyscanner review, we’ve listed the top five reasons we recommend Skyscanner for booking flights.

The 5th reason: You can save up to 40% with Skyscanner’s search options.

By combining Skyscanner’s data with the users’ dates and destinations, Skyscanner can offer the cheapest flights. With Skyscanner’s “entire month” feature, travelers can find cheap flight deals in calendar or chart form for the next month, a helpful feature for people with flexible schedules.

To check the fares for departing and inbound flights throughout a month, I clicked “show whole month” on the left-hand side of the search results. For example, an outbound flight from August to October yielded different prices than an outbound flight from August to November. As I manipulated departure, return date, and duration, I could see how prices changed for departing and inbound flights. Any account can use that feature to find discounted fares.

There is also a chart available that shows the same data.

You can find destinations worldwide using Skyscanner’s map search option, similar to Google Flights. Imagine spinning the globe and choosing any destination you choose, but Skyscanner aggregates all flights to provide flight prices. Skyscanner shows you prices for destinations worldwide from your departure city so you can book your flights quickly.

The 4th reason – A huge selection of cheap flights

The website aggregates fares from several providers to offer cheap flights. Online travel agencies and aggregators don’t offer as many cheap airfare options as Skyscanner.

During the summer peak season, the top search results offer last-minute flight deals in Europe and combination flights from low-cost and traditional airlines from Madrid to Berlin. This search yielded 688 results. The same search returned 1256 results. That’s a good deal.


The 3rd reason – There are a lot of features on Skyscanner

Overall, Skyscanner offers maximum functionality. You can narrow your results by using all the search options ( return flights, one-way flights, multi-city flights, nearby airports, direct flights, for example). Instead of categorizing flights according to the lowest price first, the website categorizes them according to the “most favorable” flight, preventing customers from giving $20 to a flight that’s 20 hours longer than expected and regretting it later. In addition to finding “hacker” fares, Skyscanner finds flight deals from different airlines.

The second reason is the rating of the quality

As we discussed earlier, Skyscanner can offer a large selection of cheap flights not simply because it aggregates flights from third-party OTPs. It is imperative to note that not all third-party booking sites are equal, and their customer service and reliability may vary. This is why Skyscanner provides “quality ratings” alongside flight prices that list the third-party sites from the cheapest to the most expensive.


The results of an Azerbaijan-Athens flight search resulted in 16 deals. As soon as I clicked on the flight, I saw a list of the deals on that flight (complete with the airline, the most expensive one among them) sorted by price. After clicking on the quality rating, I saw reviews from users of the booking sites. All that data can be used to book cheap, reliable flights.

The 1st reason – trolling “Everywhere.”

The everywhere feature allows users to find flights anywhere in the world.

Skyscanner’s feature is my favorite. Even though similar options are available on other sites, Other still does it best.

When you are uncertain of what to do or have never considered a destination, flights to “Everywhere” can be fun. You can find cheap flights to surprising destinations while indulging your wanderlust.

Q&A about Skyscanner

Q1. What is the reliability of Skyscanner?

Ans. You can trust Skyscanner. The company is independent and aims to provide you with the most suitable travel options possible. Find cheap hotels, car rentals, and flights with Skyscanner.

Companies can’t pay to improve their rankings on Skyscanner. You can also search for free on the site. Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest, fastest, or cheapest option.

Q2. Flights are cheaper on Skyscanner.

Ans. Travel industry leader Skyscanner has been around since 2003. Flight options have been shown efficiently and easily for nearly two decades. The most reliable flight search engine is Skyscanner, if not the most reliable.

More than 100 million people use the app and website per month, so it’s easy to see why. After you try it out, it might also be the most reliable flight platform.

Q3. What makes Skyscanner cheaper than airlines?

Ans. Skyscanner does not provide flight booking services. The website and app can compare flights, hotels, and car rentals. See which airline, hotel, or car rental company offers the most competitive price.

Q4. Skyscanner is okay to use?

Ans. However, Skyscanner doesn’t allow you to book flights. This is a flight, hotel, and car rental search engine. Depending on what you choose, you will book online.

Nonetheless, Skyscanner is a legit option with a positive reputation. Hotels, car rentals, and flights are available on the app or website.

Q5. How does Skyscanner differ from other platforms?

Ans. Travel websites can be researched and found directly through Skyscanner. Travel websites can also pay for higher listings on many other platforms, and some will try to offer discounts on last-minute flights, hotels, and cars.

It’s a useful tool when you use Skyscanner. You may have to deal with other platforms when you book a flight or hotel room. Rather than using Skyscanner’s website to book, you can go to the company’s website instead.

Q6. How much does Skyscanner cost?

Ans. The cheapest option is usually Skyscanner. I can easily search hotels, flights, and car rentals for the cheapest options. Find the right deal for your next trip with the price trend tracker and “everywhere” feature.

Here’s what we think about Skyscanner

It’s not flawless, but it’s okay. Skyscanner makes it clear and transparent about baggage fees. Despite price alerts, you can’t save or share flights with friends. Regarding cheap flights, Skyscanner deserves top spots due to its comprehensive features and cheap flights.

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