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The Last of Us Part II: Why Game Has Been Delayed Get all Latest Updates!


The third-person shooter action game “The Last of Us” will come with the second part. Fans are so excited to see what’s coming with the second installment. Therefore we gathered all the latest details regarding the game.

Previous Updates

According to the previous latest news, the second installment of the Last of Us will release on 29 May 2020 and available at PlayStation 4. However, in February 2020, Naughty Dog decided to push back the release date of the game.

As you know recently, Sony revealed the specification for PlayStation 5, and now the developer of the game announced on tweeter that there are possibilities to make SSD. Well, some people don’t know it will be a big edge for the game design So we can’t wait for more.

The upcoming part will be so exciting and better than the previous installment. Fans are also gathered information regarding the game, hope so Naughty Dog will surprise all the fans. The first installment was also amazing and got positive reviews from the fans.

The impression on the game was positive in the beginning; however, some people criticize it. but Sony remained silent and issued a statement, ” the Last of Us is a game for adults to adults.”

Druckmann stated that the game has some violence and send the message on how violence impacts to make players repulsed by some people.”

What Will be the Story of The Last of Us Part II?

The Last Of Us part is a post-apocalyptic game where a 19-year-old Ellie plays and story follow her struggle against a mysterious cult.

Some latest reports say that Dina, who is Ellie’s love interest, would be killed by this mysterious cult, and the death of Dina will troll on Ellie mentally.

Recent Updates Due to COVID-19

                      Now let’s come on the latest updates!

The game has been delayed already because it was set for 22 February 2020, which was announced by Naughty Dog in late 2019. Well, After that, it was declared that the game would release on 29 May 2020.

Well, due to coronavirus pandemic, the game has been delayed for an indefinite time, and Naughty dog posted this news. However, we are hopeful after this situation, and we got a game immediately.