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The Vampire Diaries: Interesting Facts


Have you been one of Vampire Diaries’ suffocating victims? Are you acquainted with those Salvatore brothers? Perhaps you know Caroline’s blood type of choice. Learn further Facts About The Vampire Diaries here!

There are however some facts that aren’t known to fans. They don’t know the specifics of a real love triangle or the way in which one person is removed from the scene so you could see them in the shadows.

Blood-thirsty? These 22 Vampire Diaries facts will make you cry…

1. It was also the very first ever in CW history.

It was the premiere that had the largest audience since the year 2006 when the network was launched.

2. The Salvatore brothers almost had a different name for their last names.

The names of the characters were mentioned in the script’s original version as Whitmore. But Executive producers altered their names to Salvatore to be more in line with the words in the novel series.

3. The Vampire Diaries at first turned down Kevin Williamson as a co-creator and executive producer.

“A quite some period of time, Alloy handed me the book and asked”What do you think about a film? Williamson stated to The Hollywood Reporter that he had not read the book. “I did not like the idea and the basic idea. After Twilight It just seemed to me that this was not my path. It was the CW that CW helped me for years afterward.”

4. Nina Dobrev failed to pass her exam.

The editor of Entertainment Weekly, Julie Plec, TVD co-creator and executive producer, has stated that Nina did not make an impression. “None of us remember seeing her for the very first time.”

Dobrev admitted she was in a coma during auditions. Then she gave them a brand updated audition tape. They were thrilled with her.

5. Fans were outraged after Nina Dobrev was cast as Elena Gilbert.

Elena Gilbert, a book series character has blonde hair and blue eyes. Dobrev is, naturally exactly the opposite.

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PopSugar’s Dobrev claimed that Kevin specifically told him that the idea he was after was the relatable, sweet girl next to you. This is the character people would like to support. He was conscious to alter this.

6. Ashlee Simpson Ashley Tisdale and Ashley Gilbert were both considered.

Ashlee Simpson was originally the first choice of the producer to Elena Gilbert. After seeing Dobrev’s audition tapes, this idea was dismissed out of the window.

Ashley Tisdale was also being looked at. But she was able to land an upcoming show called Hellcats for The CW, which lasted just one season.

7. Damon Salvatore auditioned several cast members.

Paul Wesley auditioned initially for Damon Salvatore. He was ultimately cast as the main character. Other members of The Vampire Diaries cast also auditioned for the roles as Damon Salvatore, Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), Zach Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) along Nathaniel Buzolic(Kol Mikaelson).

8. David Gallagher was considered to be a part of Damon Salvatore.

David Gallagher, Simon from 7th Heaven, tried it. Julie Plec explained to E-News that David Gallagher impressed us initially…but when it came to his 7th Heaven stuff, I was wondering if he’d ever get over the 7th Heaven stuff.” After watching the character on the screen in Super 8, Plec cast him back later in the show as werewolves.

9. Ian Somerhalder failed to appear in his audition.

What is the likelihood that it was the result of drinking too many cups of espresso or the B12 shots that I took myself? It was a catastrophe,” Somerhalder stated during an interview. “I could not resist the urge to try again. It was a lengthy process, but I received the call. It was the end of 10 days of virtual misery.

10. Ian was a contestant for a different vampire-themed show.

Newsweek’s Somerhalder declared that he’s always dreamed of becoming an actor. “I tried to audition for True Blood (Ryan Kwanten’s role: Jason Stackhouse). Alan Ball was not convinced that I was the right person for the job. After that, I didn’t know what was going on and was shocked. “I couldn’t even watch True Blood up to now.”

11. Tyler Lockwood was not meant to be a major character.

Plec said to THR that he only appeared playing a role of support. Plec stated that he was a character we could not have had at the start of the series. We knew that his hybrid storyline of werewolves was crucial, so we added him to our series regulars.

12. The co-creators of Vampire Diaries was of the opinion that the show might be a failure.

Plec told THR Plec stated to THR that Kevin and I believed the event was going to be embarrassing and we’d die. “We believed this would be the event that would spawn 1,000 articles about vampires.”

13. Nina Dobrev knew the show would be a hit.

Nina believed that she could see her future for the show that she bought a house in Atlanta in which the show was shot.

“It felt right. Dobrev claimed that everybody was laughing at me because I purchased an Atlanta property at the time that the show began. “Five years later, I’m still the only one who didn’t have to rent for five years.”

14. There were many romances on the scene.

In addition to the apparent relationship with Nina Dobrev (and Ian Somerhalder) and the wedding (and breakup) of Paul Wesley (Dr. Meredith Fell) and Dr. Meredith Fell, there was plenty of romance on the screen.

Candice King is a close friend and a friend of Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan) and Steven R. McQueen. (Jeremy Gilbert). She has now been engaged (Jeremy Gilbert) to Joe King of The Fray.

Paul Wesley was a lover of Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley Marsh). He is currently engaged to Ines De Ramon.

Joseph Morgan (Klaus) met Persia White (Abby Bennett Wilson) during Season 3. The couple later got married in 2014.

15. The show wasn’t too magical, as per the co-creators.

Plec Williamson and Williamson were both influenced to write the series however they developed the television show. There are several differences between the television show and the original book. Plec and Williamson have decided to restrict the appearance of supernatural creatures in the show.

They differentiated the difference between “angels,”, foxes, and mythical creatures were featured in the text.

16. Equal pay was made by the principal actors.

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley made $30-40K for each of their episodes.

17. Nina Dobrev has a younger age than Steven R. McQueen IRL.

Steven R. McQueen, Nina Dobrev’s twin brother. Jeremy Gilbert. (later it was discovered it was Gilbert is her real cousin). McQueen was born six months earlier than Dobrev.

18. Katherine Pierce was originally going to play a minor role in the film.

Katerina Petrova Elena Gilbert’s Doppelganger (Katherine Pierce) was originally scheduled to debut in Season 2 but the fans quickly fell in love with her character.

19. It was the roles played by Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert that were reversed.

Elena is the mean-spirited and popular character in the series, whereas Katherine has gentle and innocent. The characters of the two are reversed in the book series.

20. Katherine Pierce is a Bulgarian due to it.

Katerina Petrova is Katherine Pierce. Katherine Pierce is also known as Katerina. Dobrev’s real title was Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva. Katherine Von Swartzschild is Katherine Dobrev since she was born with German roots.

21. The sixth season was dedicated to the 90s.

Remember when Liv Parker sent Damon Elena back to the 1990s in order to save Bonnie. The producers believed they would have fun to have every episode of the show have a name in honor of a song from the 90s.

22. They have been produced by Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder along Ian Somerhalder.

Wesley produced five shows, which included ” Resident Evil” and “Things We Lost In the Fire,” while Somerhalder directed three episodes including “The Downward Spiral” (We have History).

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