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Tony Hudgell Biography, Wiki, Parents Jailed, Age, Ethnicity, Injuries, And More


Tony Hudgell’s ethnicity and parents: Tony Hudgell, a 6-year-old boy with both of his legs amputated, finished his 10-kilometer walking challenge on prosthetic limbs. The sentence for Tony’s biological parents was ten years.

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Jailed Tony Hudgell Parents

Due to Tony Hudgell’s parents’ extreme cruelty, they received a 10-year term in February 2018 for his torture.

Story of Tony Hudgell

When he was just 11 months old, Tony Hudgell was tortured by his biological parents. Father Tony Smith and Jody Simpson ( Mother ). Over the course of ten days, they attacked Tony repeatedly, swinging him quickly by his legs.

His legs were fractured eight times. Then, due to organ failure, infection, and several fractures, At Southwark, South East London’s Evelina London Children’s Hospital, he was admitted. He had his legs amputated in 2017.

Parents of Tony Hudgell (Father and Mother Names)

Tony Hudgell was born to Jody Simpson and Tony Smith (Father) ( Mother ). Jody is 24 years old, whereas Tony is 47.

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Tony Hudgell

The Adoptive Parents of Tony Hudgell

Paula and Mark Hudgell, who reside in Kent, adopted Tony. Tony resides in Kings Hill, Kent, with her adoptive parents. Elodie is the name of his sister.

Nationality and Ethnicity of Tony Hudgell

Tony is of white ethnicity. Tony Hudgell is a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Biography and wiki of Tony Hudgell

In 2015, Tony Hudgell was born. His actual place of birth hasn’t been added yet. The full name of Hudgell is Tony Hudgell. He resides in Kent with his adoptive parents.

Tony Hudgell Biography and Age

Six years old is Tony Hudgell. It is unknown what sign he is under. Unknown is the religion of Hudgell.

Height and weight of Tony Hudgell

Tony Hudgell measures 5 feet 1 inches in height and 57 kg in weight.

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Tony Hudgell FAQ

Q.1 What is  Tony Hudgell?

Ans. Six-year-old Tony Hudgell has completed a 10K walking challenge with prosthetic legs after having both legs amputated.

Q.2 What is the age of  Tony Hudgell?

Ans. Six-year-old Tony Hudgell lives with his parents.

Q.3 What are Tony Hudgell’s parents?

Ans. It has not yet been added to Tony Hudgell’s profile the names of his parents.  It was father Tony Smith who gave birth to Tony Hudgell and mother Jody Simpson who bore him.

Q.4 What are Tony Hudgell’s adoptive parents?

Ans. Mark and Paula Hudgell are Tony Hudgell’s adoptive parents.

Q.5 Which ethnicity does Tony Hudgell belong to?

Ans. Tony Hudgell is of white ethnicity.

Q.6 How tall is Tony Hudgell?

Ans. The height of Hudgell is unknown.