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Top 5 apps to Play Rummy and Earn Cash Online in 2022


Rummy Games are famous card games that are especially popular among gen-Z folks. Because of the immense popularity of the Rummy game, there are so many apps that are providing facilities to play this game online. Now people are thinking of how they can benefit themselves by playing online games. And people are searching for a Rummy cash game on the internet to get exciting prizes by playing the game online. Numerous platforms have started offering cash prizes to their users if they have got some skills in Rummy. In India, where people were already aware of the game rummy and its basic rules, they just needed a platform to showcase their skills. After witnessing the rising popularity of the game, every online platform started competing with each other to gain the maximum number of players for their application. 

In 2022 when people are well aware of all the online gaming platforms where they can earn money then why not Rummy players? Here are a few platforms from which you can win cash just by playing Rummy. 


GetMega is a platform which provides a space for Rummy lovers all across the country. It is a safe and secured app which is authorised by the government. On this platform, you can play Rummy with your friends and family 24/7. You can compete with real players across the country, instead of playing against bots. It also provides facilities like transferring the winning amount directly to your bank account in just a few seconds. You can also make online friends while playing rummy on GetMega and video chat with them. If you wish to make new friends and want to play rummy with them then get mega is the platform you need. Get Mega will help you in getting your boredom away from you. 

Adda 52 Rummy

Adda 52 Rummy is an online gaming application for rummy games. It offers an opportunity where users can register themselves and play different variants of Rummy. If players have that ability to win the game of rummy then they earn a cash prize from Adda 52 Rummy. Players can even participate in certain tournaments where they can compete with players and win cash prizes. It is a safe platform which is secured by the government. If you wish to earn a cash prize from Adda 52 Rummy you must learn the rules of how rummy is being played. 

Rummy culture

It is one of the leading platforms where millions of people have participated and registered themselves for playing rummy games. It is an online platform which is safe and has security from the administration. Rummy culture is one such popular platform where players can show their gameplay and earn cash rewards. 


Ace2Three is one of the initial platforms where players can play rummy. There is no fun in playing a rummy game alone, so this platform offers you to compete and win against many legit players. If you think you are a pro player and can win rummy games easily then you can get a chance to win cash prizes from Ace2Three. It is a certified and secured platform for playing rummy games. 

Rummy Circle

It is the first-ever platform in India which introduced Rummy games on an online platform. It is a government-verified application which is gaining popularity among all the Rummy lovers day by day. Rummy Circle also provides cash prizes for those players who show some mind-blowing skills in rummy games. Rummy circle is available on all types of devices. It is a secured app where winners can transfer their winning amount directly to their bank accounts. You can participate in various tournaments and win as many cash prizes as you can. 

In the year 2022, game lovers are more aware of the fact that gaming skills are not just for fun. You can earn from gaming if you have some skills and can master games easily. Even players who wish to learn new games can also earn from online gaming if they start from the basics like how to play and understand the rules of the games. Rummy games have gained so much popularity among people as it is being promoted by many celebrities. Now people are aware of their skills and wish to have a legit platform where they can showcase their talent and get a cash prize. 

GetMega is also one such platform where rummy games can offer you cash prizes. If you are a teenager and you want to play rummy with your friends then Get Mega is the platform where you can enjoy the rummy game with your friends. You can even make new friends on GetMega. It is a secure platform to compete with players and win cash prizes. 

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