Top Reasons Why You Need Product Catalogs


Every business, be it small or large, wants to earn profits, and it is only possible when it succeeds in bringing more and more customers. How would you convince your potential customers to buy your products? 

Would you describe everything in detail to everyone? Or would you show every item you have in the product line to potential customers? Well, this is practically impossible. You need some documents containing information about your business and products. You need a product catalog to tell the customers what your brand is all about and why it will be good for them to buy your products.

Product catalog- marketing collateral:

Selling your products to potential buyers is not easy. There are numerous options available to him. You have to convince potential buyers to buy your products. You do not ask them or beg to buy your products. You have to describe your brand and products in a way that he makes that purchase,

A catalog is a type of marketing collateral that contains all the information needed to make a buying decision. You include all the details about the product, dimension, features, and weight, etc.

A detailed and well-organized catalog can coordinate with the service catalog. If you want to get a competitive advantage, then having an online catalog is compulsory. Here are some advantages to having an online product catalog:

  • When you have an online catalog, then you do not need to print it out, which saves the cost of papers.
  • It enables you to distribute the catalog across multiple sales channels.
  • It allows you to provide more effective customer service, which plays an important role in making a great impression on potential clients.
  • You can fix the errors immediately in an online catalog, which saves both time and money.
  • Faster launch time is what makes an online catalog better than a printed catalog.

Reasons you need a product catalog:

Every business wants to sell its products, but not every brand pays attention to making the buying process easy. A product catalog helps the business make the buying process easier. Here are a few reasons why your brand needs a product catalog:

  • Technical information:

It is not easy to remember all the technical information about a product. As a matter of fact, you cannot memorize all the details if you are in the wholesale business. Writing all the necessary product information in a document helps the user know about the products in detail. Recording the product information in the product catalog makes it easier for everyone to understand everything in detail.

  • Reduce the business cycle:

When you have all the information recorded in a product catalog, there is no need to go back and forth with customers on email sharing. You cannot email your potential customers, again and again, to tell them why your products are better than any other in the market. It does not create a great impression on clients. Having a product catalog means it has all the information the buyer needs to make a buying decision. Just email them and wait for their response.

  • Improve conversion rate:

Do you know that a product catalog helps brands improve their conversion rates? When the potential buyers have all the information in one place, they can seek approvals, make decisions, and purchase your products. It saves time, and they become better able to decide whether it is worth buying your products or not.

  • Helps resellers sell:

The prime responsibility of the sales representative is to sell. They cannot waste their time in collecting product data from different sources. In a product catalog, all the information is available at their fingertips, so their jobs become a bit easier. They can share the information effortlessly with potential customers and generate sales.

  • Enhance user experience:

Product marketers should anticipate the buyer’s needs and create a catalog that caters to their needs. The product catalogs contain all the needed information, including links, images, prices, and reviews, etc. in one place, which enhances their user experience.

  • Reduces training efforts:

When you have all the information in a digital product catalog, it shrinks the learning curve. It reduces the need to train retailers, salespeople, and partners.

  • Increase brand recognition:

Every brand wants to stand out in the crowd. For this, it has to increase brand awareness, which is possible only when it reaches out to more and more people. The product catalog is a useful document to promote your brand.

If you are planning to make a great product catalog, then make sure you know your audience. Your products provide a solution to customer problems. So, make sure that the product catalog includes all the information that can convince them to buy your products. Include all the product features and tell them why your products are better than the others available out there.

It is better to know your audience and style your catalog. They should find what exactly they were looking for.


Running a business these days is not that easy as the competition has increased. Businesses need to come up with winning strategies to make sure they stay ahead of the competition. A product catalog is an important document used as a marketing tool to bring more and more customers to the business. 

It contains all the information that a buyer needs to make purchases. Do not miss important details in the product catalog. It should neither be too long nor too small. Try to keep the interest of the buyer if you do not want him to throw it in the trash.

If you do not know what to include in the product catalog, then take a look at the product price list template with pictures. The templates available online make it quite easy even for a novice to make a great product catalog. Thanks to the internet and technology that has made things easier. 

So what are you waiting for? Just make a great product catalog and make a great impression on potential buyers.

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