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Tracie Andrews


When Lee Raymond Dean Harvey (born September 20, 1971) was slain on December 1, 1996, by Jenna Stephens (sometimes referred to as Jenna Stephens Goldsworthy, Tia Carter, or Tracie Andrews), she was known as Tracie Andrews. After being convicted of murder in July 1997, she was sentenced to life in prison and spent 14 years before being freed.


As the middle child in a family of three, Andrews was also a half-sibling. When she was six years old, her parents divorced because of their tumultuous relationship. When Andrews and her boyfriend broke up, she was affected and traumatized for life. Later, Andrew’s mother wed a new guy.

At 21, Andrews gave birth to a baby girl, but their relationship only lasted a year before they broke up. Andrews was known to be possessive with her companions, preventing them from having a life or going out on their own. People who knew her described her as prone to violent and irrational outbursts of fury.

Andrews wanted to be a model, but she started as a barmaid instead. Since meeting Lee Harvey in 1994, she has been in a relationship with him, and they moved in together only three months after meeting. Both were possessive and envious of their relationships with other men and women, and a constant state of flux characterized their relationship.

Throughout the day, neighbors saw that the couple was constantly arguing and yelling at each other. Many times the pair publicly split up just to reconcile and get back together a few months later. It lasted around two years, during which time the couple often fought. Harvey told his mother that Andrews was prone to rage, and she agreed.

Andrews’ previous boyfriends had remarked that she was prone to erupting into rages and that she was easily agitated. During her prior relationships, she had often used violence against her lovers.

People close to Andrews and Harvey expressed concern about the couple’s relationship because of its dysfunctionality and frequent fights. Friends of Harvey’s had been informed of the couple’s numerous difficulties. She grew upset when Harvey’s family member revealed that he was getting married, which she felt took away attention from her own forthcoming marriage to Harvey, which she believed was unfair.

When Harvey learned that Andrews had aborted their unborn child, he was enraged, as did everyone else. Harvey and Andrews engaged in violent altercations on more than one occasion, resulting in Harvey’s and Andrews’ injuries. Numerous calls to the couple’s home in response to domestic violence allegations.

Only one month before Harvey was assassinated, the police were summoned to the residence in October 1996. Harvey’s mother advised him to break up with Andrews after finding that he had bitten him on the neck once. It was a warning from Harvey’s other family members and Andrews’ mother that they should not continue their tumultuous relationship.

A Suicide Attempt And An Arrest

After the press presentation, Andrews attempted suicide by overdosing on pills as suspicions mounted against her. For this reason, authorities decided to charge Andrews after her suicide attempt and confirmation that no road-rage incident happened. She was still in the hospital for two days when she was taken into custody. On December 19, 1996, she was charged with the murder of Lee Harvey and freed on bond after being discharged from the hospital.

An imprint and stain of a penknife found in Andrews footwear led authorities to believe that she had carried the murder weapon and dumped it at a hospital. On the night of the murder, it was known that Harvey had a penknife in his automobile. For unclear reasons, Andrews spent a significant amount of time in the hospital’s restroom, where he was presumably disposing of the murder weapon. It was found that the unusual stain pattern on her blood-splattered sweater was because the blood was sprayed upon her when she stabbed Harvey in the heart.