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Travel Apps For Millennials – A Comprehensive Guide For Travellers In 2020


Travel apps for millennials’ process of planning and booking your next vacation have never been easier. Through the wide availability of mobile apps on the market, technology plays a more efficient role in simplifying the travel process. There are over two million travel apps available at the Apple store alone, according to Statista. See how tech and apps will shape millennial travel.

The 9 best travel apps for millennials

Here are the top nine apps you need to stay on top, save money, and discover local secrets for today’s young, savvy traveler.

1. App for travel event seekers

Listen to new songs, bands, and musicians through Spotify’s Eventseeker app and never miss a beat. Identify plans in a specific area with festivals, nightlife, theater, sports events, and more.

Travel Apps For Millennials

2. An app called GenFriends

Maimi connects users with like-minded people through social events and shared spaces, while GenFriends is a sleek app for booking luxurious hostels throughout Europe. Through the app, users can meet new people, chat on the go and join up with groups.

Travel Apps For Millennials

3. The RoadTrippers app enables you to plan your trip.

Are they going to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the US? Your smartphone needs RoadTrippers. Road trips and unique destinations are available on the travel planning platform. Routes stop, and I can select sharing journeys. Booking a hotel and saving places to visit later are also options in the app.

Travel Apps For Millennials

4. Avoid jetlag with timeshifter

Jetlag is no longer an issue with Timeshifter. This app reduces jet lag symptoms through small, daily tasks that resynchronize your body clock.

Travel Apps For Millennials

5. App for saving money – XE Currency

Switching currencies? Get a live conversion rate for over 180 countries with XE Currency, a handy app for tracking your spending. It can also work without the internet because it continuously updates.

Travel Apps For Millennials

6. The Trippin app lets you keep track of your travels.

Sharing your favorite discoveries with friends and family is easy with Trippin. Create an interactive map and add your artwork or tips. Trippin’s frequent flyers also curate lists that users can access.

Travel Apps For Millennials

7. The ICE app provides emergency travel information.

Additionally, it’s a great travel companion. I will notify your contacts of your location and situation via an instant message in case of an emergency. If your phone loses battery or is out of service, the app sends a scheduled message by messenger, email, or text.

Travel Apps For Millennials

8. Travel budget app Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet makes vacation budgeting easy by tracking all your expenses in one place. Adding costs as needed can be done using the app’s budgeting feature. Expenses are broken down by day in a chart. Using an Azure WVD, you can access QuickBooks Cloud remotely since it’s a cloud-based application.

Travel Apps For Millennials

9. The Eatwith app makes it easy to hold culinary meetings.

Take a bite out of every city’s local cuisine with EatWith. This app is hailed as the Airbnb of dining, and it offers users the chance to experience the flavors and tastes of destinations in over 130 countries.

Travel Apps For Millennials

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Millennials are now the world’s largest cohort, which means that they are increasingly shaping travel trends. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best travel apps for millennials – from budget-friendly options to those with extra features. We will also provide tips on using these apps to make your travels even more enjoyable. So whether you’re planning your next trip or just looking for some new inspiration, be sure to check out our guide!

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