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VitaKnee: The Highly Ergonomic Knee Brace!


The knee is the main joint in the body and related to mobility, it is very susceptible to injury. Many people have chronic problems with their knees and if you are one of them, VitaKnee may be able to provide a satisfactory final solution.

It is a kind of knee brace which is made of first-class nylon fabric. This nylon fabric provides pleasant lightweight support and won’t tickle, sweat, or slide down when your feet move. The use of VitaKnee can overcome some typical disorders such as Jogger’s Knee, knee joint pain, tendenitis, iliotibial band dysfunction, and so on.

If you are prone to constant knee discomfort, you need a knee protector and that is VitaKnee.

Why VitaKnee?

Because it is the ultimate solution for any knee discomfort while providing protection and muscle relaxation. If you are on Arthritis therapy, VitaKnee can be of great help.

How do you apply VitaKnee?

You can place the heat source of VitaKnee on sore muscles, joints, and of course knees to make them more flexible. This is not just an ordinary pain reliever. This provides a warm sensation to your joints so that in addition to reducing your pain, you can also make your joints more flexible.

VitaKnee features:

– The USB power cable provided in the package makes the knee brace multifunctional. You can apply this tool while you are driving, or even if you are in your office. You can select several different modes. For a natural cure, you can access a new temperature mode that will relax your knee muscles.

– Cold therapy is possible. It can also be used for cold therapy by applying an ice pack (or herbal bag) inside. You can put the ice pack in your mesh pocket and start using the tool as usual. It is recommended that you do cold therapy on the affected area so that you can lower the metabolism in that area and get the analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits.

– VitaKnee is made of lightweight and breathable neoprene. The knee brace can be adjusted according to the user’s knee size. Want to use it while exercising? You can connect USB to a portable charger.

How you can use VitaKnee

This knee support only has one button so there will be no major difficulties in using it. Here’s a quick hint:

– First you have to turn it on. Press the button and hold it for 2 seconds.

– As soon as you see the LED light turning red, it means the appliance has reached high heating mode. The resulting temperatures ranged between 131 and 134.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Press the button again and the indicator light will turn white which means that heating mode is starting. The resulting temperature is between 113 and 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Want to lower the temperature again? Press your button again until you see the blue indicator light. The blue indicator light indicates the temperature is between 96.3 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

But if you want the ideal temperature for your knee rehab, it’s 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

VitaKnee is very effective for seniors with chronic joint disorders. This knee brace can also be useful if you have an injury to your knee, including if you have inflammation in the area. The secret of VitaKnee lies in the thick neoprene material that is able to store heat and transfer it to the knees and other joints continuously. The combination of heat -absorbing materials, ease of use and a high level of adaptability makes the VitaKnee quickly dubbed the highly ergonomic knee brace.

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