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Wayne Dominey


Wayne Dominey was a member of the Royalty.

Police are searching for Wayne Dominey, 51, Consett, County Durham, which is the most likely location for the fugitive.

The former soldier was convicted of four years of sex charges earlier this month at Birmingham Crown Court in Birmingham, England.

On February 2, A Jury Found Him Guilty Of All 13 Accusations Against Him.

An investigation led to the conviction for Domeny’s sexual engagement with minors and the sexual abuse and persuading a minor to engage in such activities against Domeny’s wishes.

Intimidation Of A Witness, One Count Alone.

“I’d encourage people not to approach him,” stated Consett Police Inspector Keith Wardle. The police should be contacted immediately if anyone thinks they’ve spotted this man.

But he is wanted for significant offenses and will no probably be sentenced to a lengthy prison term, so I don’t think he is threatening.”

As a Warrant Officer Sergeant Major, Domeney served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Ireland. He joined the Army in 1985.

His interview with the national newspaper following his detention a year ago called for the government to do more for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The charges against him came to light in 2014, following which he resigned from his position at a school in Nuneaton and ended up sleeping homeless in the woods.

In the North-East, where he is believed to have relatives, police now suspect he is.

“Members of the public who have seen him should call the police by Phoning 101,” added Insp Wardle.

As a result of the investigation into the disappearance of Wayne Dominey, a 51-year-old Army veteran, police are looking for him in the Consett region of County Durham.

On February 2, a jury in Birmingham Crown Court found him guilty of 13 counts of criminal mischief while he was not present. After being convicted of raping and other sex offenses against a young girl, an ex-paratrooper turned himself in to authorities.

After failing to appear at Birmingham Crown Court last month for his trial on various child sex offenses, a warrant was issued for Wayne Domeney’s arrest.

While in Bedworth for four years, the jury heard evidence that 51-year-old Dominey, who has been seen with Prince Charles and boasts of helping train Prince William and serving with Prince Harry, committed the crimes.


Despite denying the charges, the ex-para was found guilty in his absence of four charges of rape, three of sexual assault, Three counts of sexual acts with a minor, and two counts of enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity, were all committed when the defendants were not in the courtroom.

Witness intimidation charges were filed against Domeney, formerly known as Wayne Rackham.

As a result of the verdict, Judge Kristina Montgomery QC delayed punishment so that he may be apprehended and brought to her.

Warwick Crown Court was where the trial first began, before it was relocated to Birmingham.

A hearing at Warwick Crown Court in April 2016 revealed that Domeney had violated two of his bail conditions before his absconding.

According to prosecutor Lynette McClement, he had been released on bail and ordered to reside with his brother in County Durham, but he afterward moved to the Isle of Wight, where he lived with a woman.

Claims Domeney had also contacted the girl through Facebook at the same time were rejected by Domeney of Generation Place, Consett, County Durham, who claimed it wasn’t his Facebook account at all.

As a result of the arrest order issued by Judge Montgomery being carried out, Domeney appeared before a judge at Warwick Crown Court on Monday afternoon, dressed in a grey tracksuit and sporting a beard.

What Did The Judge Say?

On Domeney’s behalf, Martin Groves proclaimed: “He claims he surrendered himself at Basingstoke police station on Friday. That means he’ll have to face Judge Montgomery at Birmingham Crown Court.”

Recorder Anupama Thompson informed Dominey, “You are going to be remanded in custody until you come before Judge Montgomery, who dealt with your trial in your absence,” adding that there was no bail application.