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20 FUN Deadpool Facts You’ve Always Wanted to Know


He is referred to as the Merc with a Mouth. The most irritating character in the Marvel universe and a notorious fourth wall-breaker. But how much do we actually know about Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool? In order to learn more about the katana-wielding, wisecracking hired killer of Weapon X, we dug into his long(ish) career. As we reveal 20 interesting Deadpool facts, be ready to unleash the craziness.

1. He has a connection to Deathstroke

Despite their many contrasts, DC and Marvel do share one thing in common. Despite being as dissimilar as night and day, you may have spotted a bond between DC’s Deathstroke and Deadpool. Okay, so Marvel did this on purpose.

After reading DC’s “Teen Titans” comics and being influenced by Deathstroke, Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, had an idea for the character. DC and Marvel then openly acknowledged their mirrored heroes’ similar attire and traits. That is how Wade Wilson, who is similar to Slade Wilson, got his name.

2. Deadpool is pansexual.

Wade will fling himself at pretty much anything that moves. Gerry Duggan, the writer for Marvel NOW, even said he would work on “anything with a heartbeat.” He has been attracted to androids, aliens, and demons in addition to men and women.

3. He murdered everyone.

Deadpool goes on a murdering spree in the fittingly called “Deadpool destroys the Marvel Universe” after becoming even more deranged. He virtually wipes out the whole cast of Marvel characters in his rage. He ends by fleeing the realm of comic books, killing his creators while they plan how to kill him, and threatening to kill the reader next.

4. Wade Has a Soft Spot for Children.

Wade is a big softie around kids and has some of the most pliable morals in the world. Perhaps he had a difficult upbringing and misses his youth. Or perhaps it’s a byproduct of having the mental development of a 12-year-old. Although the comics are hazy, it’s a pretty endearing aspect of him.

5. Spider-Man and Deadpool Have a Child.

Although it may seem absurd, this is a fact. There are many obvious similarities between Spider-Man and Deadpool, such as their outfits, sense of humour, and one-liners (Peter is more likely to wish Wade would shut speaking), but there is much more to their special bond.

By giving a patient the genes of Spidey and D-Pool, the villain Patient Zero developed Itsy Bitsy (yep, like the children’s song). Itsy Bitsy, however, turned out to be a bloodthirsty character with a repulsive sense of humour and deadly web-shooting abilities, completely unlike her parents.

6. Ryan Reynolds’s role as him was inspired by Deadpool.

Wade name-dropped Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and Cable #2 back in 2004, when he was most known for insane comedies and the awful DC film The Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei, according to Deadpool. Several years later, it almost seems as like Ryan Reynolds was born to play the character of Deadpool, so that obviously set off something.

7. He Has an Unusual Taste in Women

Wade, as we’ve discovered, has a rather flexible dating style. But they’re definitely not the kind of sweethearts you’d bring home to your parents in terms of long-term relationships. Most notably, Shiklah, the demon queen, and Mistress Death. Since few people in the Marvel universe have girlfriends that devour human flesh.

8. He breaches the fourth wall in.

For the majority of us, this goes without saying, but if you’re just starting into the character, you should know that Deadpool is well aware that he’s in a comic book, video game, or film. However, the majority of characters will merely regard him as completely insane. Wade could simply be too unpredictable to be super-sane, but we did consider something similar for the Joker, which we dubbed “super-sanity.”

9. Deadpool gave his own name

Deadpool has occasionally been evasive when describing his past. Occasionally even utilising unoriginal backstories. But Weapon X is where he really gets his name from. He and his fellow test subjects used to wager on who would survive the following round, which they termed the “Dead Pool,” while they were being experimented on. Wade actually managed to survive all the way to freedom. a whopping 1000-to-1 odds.

10. He has murdered well-known fictional characters.

Wade’s next move after Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was to start killing well-known fictitious characters. This is the plot of the 2013 film Deadpool Killustrated, in which Deadpool kills everyone from Huckleberry Finn to Sherlock Holmes to Moby Dick. We’d secretly like to see that in a Deadpool movie, though!

11. Wade’s Regeneration is Both Curing and Killing Him.

Wade now has an insanely potent regenerative ability thanks to Weapon X that keeps him from dying. It is stronger than Wolverine’s, and in some instances, it has prevented him from being beheaded. However, because of how aggressive this regeneration is, a cancerous condition he already had ended up getting worse.

Wade is now, by all standards, a walking tumour, which is why, even in that suit, he is infamously unattractive. He would definitely die if the tumour were ever removed, in fact.

12. He loves pop culture.

It makes sense that someone with the power to breach The Fourth Wall would also be well-versed in pop and nerd culture. Wade has undoubtedly made a reference to anything, whether it be to Star Wars, World of Warcraft, vintage Marvel films, or even timeless classics like the Easter Eggs we discovered in Deadpool 2.

13. He Has a Crime Partner.

In certain ways, Deadpool is not a lone wolf. Jack Hammer, who is unrelated to Justin Hammer, a mediocre Stark impersonator, became Wade’s personal guns dealer and a Merc informant when they first met. He doesn’t acquire his codename “Weasel” for nothing; most of it is professional.

14. He is a Proud Canadian.

Although we wouldn’t be shocked, Wade’s two greatest passions are chimichangas and his native Canada. He adores his country to the point of obsession because it’s one of the few things his mind appears to agree on. which is significant.

15. Deadpool has a father.

For someone who moves around as frequently as Wade does, having at least one child to come out of it is sort of anticipated. We’re not talking about Itsy Bitsy here; Ellie is a Latina woman who is Deadpool’s actual daughter. He even moved in over the road from her handler to be with her since he feels guilty about the mother’s death.

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16. His Dialogue Is Colored With Meaning.

Wade’s conversation in the comics has a distinctive style, like that of many other characters. He has two personalities within his head, each of which is represented by a speech bubble, one of which is yellow and the other of which is white. Even though he addresses them as distinct personas, most of the conversation is between him, his subconscious, and his less childish subconscious.

17. Bovinophobia plagues Deadpool.

Can we hold him accountable for this? They stand there assessing you with those blank glances. They appear to be quite innocent while idly munching on grass in their pastures, but Wade recognises their tricks! The cows hit you when they’ve thoroughly disarmed you with their good deed. Yes, Deadpool is terrified of clowns and cows. After Galactus, they pose the second-greatest menace to Earth.

18. He’s Convinced Opponents to Submit.

It’s hardly surprise that Deadpool is reputed to overcome opponents simply by talking, given that he has given us some of the best movie quips in history and is renowned as “the Merc with a Mouth.” On Galactus, of all people, this truly did work. Wade was able to accomplish this by flying around Galactus’ brain, dispatching aliens, and uttering whatever illogical thoughts came to him until the Devourer of Worlds lost control.

19. He looks up to Captain America.

Wade idolises Captain America to the extent where he wishes he was the man of Red, White, and Blue, which is kind of strange considering how unstable and immoral he can be. Because they were both participants in government trials, it’s likely that Cap is one of the few persons in the universe who is aware of and tolerating of Wade’s behaviour.

20. He’d Still Be Totally Hot Without the Cancer.

Wade Wilson is a really stunning comic book character, especially in the moments before he joined Weapon X and on the infrequent occasion when his face is restored. His golden hair is neatly cut, and he has a chiselled jaw and prominent cheekbones. Close enough if you picture a statuesque Ryan Reynolds or John Constantine with golden hair.


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