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What are CBB Intruders?


A WICKED HOUSE Jess Impiazzi was horrified when YouTube pranksters stormed the Celebrity Big Brother house during the live elimination.

During the Dapper Laughs eviction, the housemates were notified that intruders were in the house, and the glass windows were shuttered.

CELEBRITY Tonight’s episode of Big Brother saw burglars besieged the house, leaving Jess Impiazzi scared.

Ally Law and Ryan Taylor, two YouTube pranksters, invaded the garden as Emma Willis declared the winner between Dapper Laughs and Courtney Act.

The shutters came down as Wayne Sleep said, “There are people in the house,” as Dapper was expelled.

‘Oh my god,’ Ashley James screamed as she heard someone try to break in.

As the housemates struggled to say their final goodbyes to Dapper, the actual name Daniel, Jess blurted out, “Oh my god help, me, I’m afraid.”

“Everyone is alright. They didn’t get into the house. Everything is under control,” Emma subsequently stated in response to the incident.

On Snapchat, Ryan shared a video of him and Ally peeking out of the glass windows in the garden.

Ally wore a high-visibility vest and a head torch while Ryan wore a bright orange jumper.

A frenzied Ally laughed as Ryan remarked, “You didn’t think we could do this again? ”

Ryan and Ally shared a Snapchat video of the ‘break-in’ to their followers, and they’ve promised a YouTube video of the action shortly.

Ryan and Ally, well-known for their building-breaking pranks, told their Snapchat fans all about it.

As they videotape through what appears to be the front entrance, Ryan tells Ally that they “had to be quick” in the footage that has since gone viral.

It was easy to make out Ashley James and Ann Widdecombe in the living room.

Standing at the foot of the steps, Ginuwine and Jonny Mitchell are filmed.

Jonny, Dapper Laughs, and John Barnes appear to be in a circle with their backs to the camera on Ryan’s Snapchat, which he seems to be filming from the top of the stairs.

Filmed on the same day as Ryan and Ally, Ally appears to be dressed as an on-set worker, complete with a bright orange jacket and head torch.

According to Big Brother, two intruders were captured by security at Elstree Studios last night.

Because everyone’s safety on the show is so essential, Big Brother ensures adequate security measures are in place at all times.

Celebrity Big Brother kicked off a lovely weekend with the expulsion of three participants on Friday night.

After Dapper Laughs went down on one knee, two guys tried to break into the CBB home.

Only eight players remain in the house the week before the show’s conclusion.

So here’s a brief overview of what’s going on.

Jonny Mitchell, Jonny Mitchell (Dapper Laughs), and Andrew Brady (Courtney Act) all received votes from the public in a triple elimination.

An anxious buildup culminated with Andrew’s departure, confirming suspicions that his profane tirade towards fellow resident Ann Widdecombe would lead to his axing from the property.

Before comedian Dapper Laughs was kicked from Love Island 2017, former participant Jonny Mitchell had been booted off the show.

As a result, this was one of the most significant events of his life for Dapper.


The 28-year-old comedian proposed to his girlfriend, Shelley Rae, during a live interview with CBB presenter Emma Willis.

Dapper proposed to Shelley by giving her a bright pink diamond “thing” he had crafted while staying at the mansion.

Shelley nodded yes to Dapper’s proposal, and the audience applauded.

Come on in!

The Big Brother housemates were alerted to an intruder threat during one of the most dramatic episodes in the show’s history.

Caught on camera were two males, one in a high-vis jacket, trying to obtain admission.

According to a Channel 5 spokesman:

“On Friday night, two attackers attempted to break into the Big Brother house.

Security had them in custody in the back garden. There was a police presence at the scene, and they took the suspects. Big Brother has reassured everyone in the house. Therefore the situation is under control.






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