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What Are Your Some Rules When Dieting?


When you are on a dieting plan then you should adopt some habits permanently. These habits can be some rules that you have to follow to continue a proper diet plan if you are serious. Here I will tell you some rules that are important to follow. These rules will forbid you to take such food that is not good for you. And this guide will help you to make a good choice when you want to decide what will be good for you.

So here, I will discuss these rules for you which are most effective for you when you are dieting.

Spend The Morning Fasted-Or At Least Semi-Fasted

You can drink coffee and work. You will not feel really hungry anyway. Sometimes you can put chocolate casein protein powder in your coffee but nothing solid. It’s actually pretty good. A highlight of your day!

Eat at least 40g of protein per meal. This is enough to maximally trigger muscle protein synthesis. You don’t go crazy with the protein amounts, you used to but not anymore.

Consume Fiber in Every Meal

This keeps you full and your gut bacteria full, too. A study of 800 American teens found that less than half a percent were getting enough fiber. So if you will take enough fiber with your everyday meal, it will make you strong against bacteria. Moreover, it is also very beneficial for your whole health.

Never Drink Calories

Most caloric beverages are high GI (glycemic index), high II (insulin index), not filling and have little nutrition. You’d rather spend your calories elsewhere, then it is very better for you!

Only Eat Carbs Once Per Day

This will usually post-workout for you. This is when you are most sensitive to insulin and thus the carbs are actually stored as glycogen, not fat. Others prefer pre-workout carbs.

Avoid Sugar Like The Plague

Sugar is white death. The more you read about the use of sugar, the more actively you will avoid it, especially when dieting. It’s poison. Delicious poison but still poison. The best poisons are those the target consumes willingly and happily.

Be Hungry An Hour Or Two After Meals

This is probably going to be the most controversial here, but you don’t mind being occasionally hungry. You should ignore it, or drink some water, or go for a walk. If you are hungry during the day, then you are probably eating too much.

Get A Walk of 10,000 Steps in a Day

Some days it might be 8k, other days it might be even 20k or 25k steps. But you just make a general effort to be more active and spend more time walking. It doesn’t impact your strength in the gym whatsoever. Moreover, this walk of 10000 steps a day will give you some extra strength that will make you strong for whole day work.

Get At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep A Night

This is really important to have proper sleep. Because improper sleep will increase your weight. You can find getting less than 6 hours of sleep on a regular basis will crush your strength in the gym faster than anything.

Drink More Water

On hot days when you are very active. You’ll probably be upwards of saltires a day. One trend among clients that are extremely overweight that you notice is not consuming water at all. They’ll substitute it for soda, sweet tea, fake sugary bullshit coffee from Starbucks, etc. There is no substitute for water.

Weigh Yourself Every Day

This is such valuable data! If you are 90.0kg most of the time in the morning and are suddenly 88.0kg, there’s a reason for that. Ditto if you are suddenly 92–93kg. This one number can tell you a lot about what your body is doing. Not just fat loss, but water retention, hormones and if you are overtraining. It’s also so easy to track it takes about ten seconds a day. Don’t get obsessive about it, and don’t let that number control you. You should control it!

Don’t Count Calories

Usually, you don’t count anything-not protein, not carbs, not fat, not total calories. You always used to track every single gram of everything. You should not count your eating calories even when you are drinking water outside. If you behave like that then you can’t take anything. A study found that obese individuals “underestimated their average calorie intake by 47% and overestimated their physical activity by 51%”.

Avoid Food of Restaurants

If you go to a restaurant, the odds of the food being low in calories is very, very low. They usually put oil and butter in everything in order to make it taste better. And those calories really add up fast. Portion sizes are also incredibly big in many establishments. Why? Because they’d be out of their business very quickly otherwise!


Don’t let people sabotage you, especially yourself! If you are on a diet plan. You are not going to be watching the food channel or powerlifting meets. The former is going to tempt you into eating foods. You shouldn’t, while the latter is going to try to get you into changing your goal from leanness to strength. You see this all the time.

Be patient and consistent. You will lose 3–4kg in the first week, but after that, it’s probably 0.5–1kg. You don’t expect any more than that because the numbers show it’s not realistic.

Have realistic expectations based on science, and persist towards your goal.