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What Happened To John Robertson And Melissa Walsh?


It’s possible that Married at First Sight Australia could be the answer to your binge-watching prayers.

This season’s episode is being aired on E4 after being shown on Nine in Australia earlier this year.

Melissa Walsh and John Robertson are no strangers to the show’s viewers, having been matched together immediately at the beginning of the journey.

After Married at First Sight Australia, what happened to Melissa and John?

John, 55, participated in season four of Married at First Sight Australia a year earlier and was eager to find love again.

Melissa, 53, seemed to be the perfect match for him following his breakup with MAFS star Debbie.

Unfortunately, the duo didn’t last very long in the real world and split up shortly after the cameras stopped rolling.

Our relationship isn’t progressing even though we’ve talked a lot about making it work and have spent time together to allow it to do so.

As friends, “We still care profoundly for each other, and we’ll never forget the wonderful experiences we’ve had together.”

She described John as “nice” before saying she was “disappointed” with the experiment since she had hoped to find real love.

When my last marriage ended, I was convinced that I would never be in a relationship again. ” Married at First Sight gave me hope that maybe there is a love for me after all, and I’m grateful for that. I thank Married at First Sight for reopening my heart to love.”

Married at First Sight stars Melissa and John’s whereabouts are unknown.

Despite the couple’s breakup, they are currently in long-term and happy partnerships.

Melissa Is Engaged To Artist Fred Whitson, with whom she has a long-term relationship.

The coronavirus epidemic has forced them to postpone their June wedding, which they had initially planned to take place.

Her time on Married at First Sight Australia and falling in love with Fred were chronicled in Melissa’s autobiography, published in 2011.

John, meantime, struck up a friendship with screenwriter Kenicha Hatten at a Sydney event in 2018.

“Kenichi tells me she had loved me for a while, and she did reach out to me,” John said in an interview with Daily Mail Australia.

Thank goodness I replied; she’s a great lady.”

Since I was a child, I’ve longed for a man who wanted a family and a family man to be in his life. Our son needs a man who can teach him what it means to be a man; our daughter needs a man who can teach her what it means to be a woman. I wished to find a man who worked hard to provide for his family, including a place to live, clothes to wear, and food to eat. I planned to marry a man who would play with our children in the evenings, no matter how exhausted he was after his workday. The man I hoped to marry was one who demonstrates to our children that he is supportive and encouraging of his wife and the people around him. For me, a man who goes above and beyond to serve others without asking anything in return was what I was hoping to find in my future husband. I intended to find a husband who would be an excellent role model for our children in various ways. That man is a blessing in my life. I know him as John.

Why I Think She’d Be A Great Mother

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