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 What is a Hot Lather Machine?


Men aren’t the only ones who need to have premium skincare routines!

The majority of men have a grooming routine that involves shaving nearly every day.  And for those that have extra sensitive skin, warm water isn’t always enough to ensure your skin stays smooth and rid of any irritation.

So, this is where a hot lather machine can really be a game-changer for a ton of men! It helps ensure that the skincare routine is fully maximized and looks to enhance the benefits of your shaving gel, cream or lotion.

In short, all you have to do is turn the machine on, put your grooming cream of choice in there, wait until it reaches the correct temperature, and begin the shaving process! The hot lather machine will ensure that the risk of razor burn is lessened and that you get the fullest potential of a close shave at home as one can!

But not all hot lather machines are created equal. Here are some top things to consider when you are purchasing your own machine.

1.  How much cream it can hold

You want to ensure that your hot lather machine can take in the full amount of shaving cream you want to use. So if you are someone that really likes to slather it on, get a machine with a larger holding capacity so you don’t have to keep refilling!

2. How long it takes to heat

If you are someone who has a busy schedule and likes to keep the grooming process short, sweet and simple, then getting a machine that can heat your cream up quickly is something you definitely need! And further to this, you want to make sure that your machine has the ability to adjust temperatures so you can get it right for your own skin—the grooming process should be enjoyable, not a scorching one!

3. How big it is

Hot lather machines are common at professional grooming places and at home. This also means that they come in a range of sizes. If you are investing in one just for you, you don’t need to get the biggest one available—choose a size that fits in with your bathroom while equally maximizing the performance of the features it is designed to offer you!

4. How automated it is

Grooming for many men is a daily thing. So who wants to spend time manually turning a machine like this on and off every day. Or worse, having to come back home after getting to work because you think you may have accidently left it on! Many of these hot lather machines have automated features that will ensure it will shut off after a certain amount of time of not being used. They usually are a bit more expensive, but worth it for many!

5. How many accessories it comes with

Some hot lather machines are super simple and are just equipped with what is necessary to heat the creams and lotions. But other hot lather machines come with accessories like brushes or bowls to really make the grooming process special and individualized. The bowl, for example, makes it easier to distribute the hot lather evenly as the brush will be able to get more of it in one swish. While accessories are not essential, they do add more value to your machine and investment!

Hot lather machines are a great invention for men and a solid reminder that their skincare routine is just as important as females. The machine makes their grooming process easy, reliable, and spa-worthy! Why wouldn’t you want to invest in one of these?